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Use Google Maps

Windward System Five can be configured to use Google maps for both maps and driving directions. You need an internet connection to use internet utilities such as google maps, etc. This can be accessed from several places in the software:

  • The “e-tools” menu on a customer record
  • From a task, clicking the blue address and choosing “Map” or “Driving directions” from the menu.
  • From the “Deliveries” tab on an invoice. Click the “View Map” or “Driving Directions” buttons.

How to setup

  1. From the main menu choose “Setup Tools” and then select “Setup Wizard”.
  2. In the search field search for “Internet Tool”.
  3. Copy the http links below and paste them into the appropriate fields in the “Internet Tools” settings.
  4. Click the close button and you are ready to go.
Address Mapping:{address}+{city}+{state}+,+{country}

Driving Map:{address},{city},{state},{country}&saddr={saddress},{scity},{sstate},{scountry}

Find Phone Number:{firstname}&ft=b&l={lastname}&lt=b&c={city}{postal}&s={state}&x=53&y=9

Find Postal/Zip code:{postal}&Go=Go

Additional info

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