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S5 Sync Repair Utility


The S5 Sync Repair Utility is a standalone executable file designed to ease the process of updating System Five workstations that are unable to update themselves using Synchronize with File Server (S5Sync.exe). If you experience access violations or range check errors with the synchronization when updating a local workstation from the server, this utility can perform that function for you.

This repair utility will only need to be used when you are unable to update System Five normally when synchronizing with the file server.


  1. Unzip S5SyncRepairUtilty.exe
  2. Double-click the S5SyncRepairUtilty.exe to run the utility
  3. On start-up, the standard System Five installation locations will be searched and updated automatically
  4. If necessary, the System Five Synchronization program will be run automatically. Follow the prompts as needed
  5. Results of automatic updates will be displayed when the utility loads
  6. If necessary, click the “Add Location” button to add custom search locations where the “SYNCSRV.INI” file can be found
  7. Click the “Update” button to run the process on all search locations listed in the “Update Locations” list
The utility can accept a single command-line parameter of the path to a search location. If passed in, this location will be searched on start-up and the automatic searching of standard locations is bypassed.
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