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Special Invoicing methods for Digital Oilfield

Go into XML Central In System Five
Select Export to XML

On the Export Settings tab
For Export Filename set it to:
If the filename does not exist, you can create it by opening notepad in Windows and saving a blank file to C:\filename.tsv

Set Export Type option to Invoices
Only one option should be selected:

In the SQL Query box, please enter the following
select invunique from invoice where nvno = 'xyz'

Where 'xyz' is your invoice number (ie '123456')

Go to the Additional Processing tab
Set the XSL Filter (per record) to

Ensure the “YourCompany.xsl” file exists in the C:\System5\bin path. If not then please copy it to that location.

Note: YourCompany will be the name of your company. Windward Software will provide this XSL sheet to you. Please save it in W:\System5\Temp for archival purposes.

Select Rename and set name to “Digital Invoice”, this will save the settings so we can repeat the process in the future.

Author: arose
Editor: arose
Last Edited: 11-Sept-2007

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