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Release Notes 6.2.4.x and 6.2.2.x

Release notes for System Five available for production installations.

Enhancements are indicated in blue text and the word ENHANCEMENT.

Customers are required to be on an active maintenance contract to install or receive product updates.

System Five 6.2.4.x

Release Version 6.2.4.x created in April 2020

Version ​- October 20, 2020

Fixed Trohester Datacollector Error

Area Changed: Data Load - Part Load
TFS Ticket 41199

Version ​- October 19, 2020

Scheduled Maintenance calculation fails in cases where large values are being calculated. The system now ensures that the next schedule maintenance date does not exceed the systems Max Date value.

Area Changed: Inventory Management
TFS Ticket 40890

Version ​- October 8, 2020

POS Errors: Added error handling to the Stock List Count function to prevent Access Violations.

Area Changed: Rental Contracts
TFS Ticket 40849

Version ​- October 5, 2020

Ecommerce: “Error: Not Responding” preventing invoice import resolved. Additional Kevlar added to prevent any errors from causing System 5 to “not respond” if any other errors come up. Additional error message added to display to the Web app which will gracefully cancel the import/validation progress popup and not leave the UI stuck there as well.

Area Changed: Import
TFS Ticket 40141

Add the ability to store and read images, with delta to the Ecommerce Staging Core in order to support the Woo and SDK Connector functionality. SystemFive was enhanced to push images to ECS.
Area Changed: Undefined
TFS Ticket 40605

Version ​- October 2, 2020

Web API: Added Logging information to the Web API Service to help determine the root cause of some runaway processes on the cloud.

Area Changed: Web API
TFS Ticket 40116

AADL expiration date is not being considered properly. Created a new configurable setting in the “System Five Setup Registry” under “HEALTHBILLING”. We can enter in the registry to set a default expiration date for the customer.

Area Changed: Health Billing
TFS Ticket 40222

AADL not applying properly to inventory in an oversell state. Medical billing was not properly applying the authorization and splitting the total with the customer IF there is no “Quantity” of the item being sold in stock. The split cost calculation has been corrected to work with quantity “Ordered”. This way, the cost split will be displayed with the amount customer needs to pay for how many items the intend to buy.

Area Changed: Health Billing
TFS Ticket 40221

Version ​- September 29, 2020

File Exist Error in S5 Zip when the drive has over a terabyte of free space fixed with a replacement function.

Area Changed: Export
TFS Ticket 39495

Trohestar datacollector not being able to intercept the scan codes. The work around allows you now to simply scan into the Datacollector text box and press the new Send button. You must disable the trohestar Keyboard emulation. You can right click on the WindwardPOS Icon and select datacolllector which will bring up the required tab and set focus to the datacollector text window.

Area Changed: Data Load - Virtual Warehouse Part Maintenance
TFS Ticket 40445

Version - September 22, 2020

The Inventory Design Report has been optimized to correctly assign the required department value. The Inventory Design Report now properly reports the information when the Combined Inventory option is used in Departmentalized data sets. The report was using the Ledger Department in all cases which is incorrect in this configuration. With this configuration, the data for the Stock and Inventory fields requires a Department value of ZERO, not the current Ledger Department.

Area Changed: Reports - Inventory Reports - Design Inventory Reports
TFS Ticket 31074
Bugzilla 58049

System Five enhancement to include an option to post invoice discounts for rental items to a Cost of Goods Sold. This is an alternative to the behavior of invoice discounts reducing the posting to Income.
Area Changed: Invoice/Sales
TFS Ticket 39581

Version ​- September 18, 2020

Fix: PCI out of scope PDCX initialization issues with Canadian Tokenization

Area Changed: Rental Contracts
TFS Ticket 40205

Version ​(SaaS Out of Scope - - September 11, 2020

Certificate not found for systemfive_outscope: “The Certificate not found” error is specific to “SystemFive OutOfScope” solution only. The cause of the problem was due to a missing file related to the project (systemfive_outscope.tlb) which is now present.

Area Changed: Security Management
TFS Ticket 39534

Certificate not found for systemfive_outscope: “The Certificate not found” error is specific to “SystemFive OutOfScope” solution only. The cause of the problem was due to a missing file related to the project (systemfive_outscope.tlb) which is now present.

Area Changed: Security Management
TFS Ticket 39534

Payment processing setup for pdcx screen prompt fix for Mercury Canada tokenized out of scope payment processing.

Area Changed: Payments
TFS Ticket 39917

Version - September 17, 2020

Unit Selling Price was not populating in all cases when receiving Serial Numbers for a Unit. -The Selling Price is no longer called the “Selling Price” and it should not be visible in the the ADD SERIAL screen in the PO. - The Field in the EDIT UNIT OR UNIT DEFAULT is now correctly named “Sold At Price” it contains the Price that was the Unit was sold for through the P.O.S. System. - The Price that a Unit will sell for in the future cannot be known when receiving a PO. A backlog item was created for the issue found in the multi-currency data: Unit SOLD AT PRICE and COST PRICE info got messed up in the multi-currency Data

Area Changed: Inventory Pricing
TFS Ticket 38095
Bugzilla 58329

Add an update assertion in account.btr: Added code to the Update Method to catch the value before the data is written.

Area Changed: Undefined Area
TFS Ticket 40223

Version ​(SaaS Out of Scope - - September 11, 2020

Certificate not found for systemfive_outscope: “The Certificate not found” error is specific to “SystemFive OutOfScope” solution only. The cause of the problem was due to a missing file related to the project (systemfive_outscope.tlb) which is now present.

Area Changed: Security Management
TFS Ticket 39534

Version - September 10, 2020

Bill entry - POS tab was showing blank lines Unnecessary blank lines removed from the Bill PO's tab when Show all POs is not selected.

Area Changed: Accounts Payable Bills
TFS Ticket 39988

Australian EFT functionality was failing to compile all cheques into a submit-able file. There was a flaw in System Five which caused it to think all cheques after the first one found were duplicates and not included in the file. This has been corrected.

Area Changed: EFT
TFS Ticket: 40067

Version - August 27, 2020

Added a warning notification when using Gross Margin as a percent to inform users that “Total AVG” requires GM CODS in $ and GM Sales in $ columns in the report.

Area Changed: Reports- Inventory Reports - Design Inventory Reports
TFS Ticket 38020
Bugzilla 58311

Fix: Customer purchases ship-to was not showing columns with empty values.

Area Changed: Customer and Supplier Management - New, Edit, Delete
TFS Ticket 39347

Creation of 6.4.0 & 6.4.1 Installers and Build variables with In Scope and Out of Scope Executables for PCI Compliance. - In Scope
Out of Scope Version:

Area Changed: Installer
TFS Ticket: 39334

Version - August 24, 2020

Fixed Missing port preventing Multi-cat functionality when removing XML3/4 Support

Area Changed: Undefined Area
TFS Ticket 39463

POS transaction report was failing: The credit card add to batch function was fixed. This function is used when the processor or internet is down.

Area Changed: Payments
TFS Ticket 39442

Version 6.4.x.x will be PCI out of scope which means it does not store or transmit credit card data.

Area Changed: A/R Starting Balances
TFS Ticket 37677

Version - August 24, 2020

Fix: Invalid Categories are causing problems with the non-Supplier Defaults. Invalid Categories cannot be loaded through Data Load functions, the same rules are applied as in the Category Setup interface. The Category Setup now clears all invalid Categories that don't have Parts and provides a listing of any Parts associated with invalid categories so that they can be dealt with.

Area Changed: Web API
TFS Ticket 36513

Version - August 19, 2020

Fix: Exclude Stock on Work Orders option in physical count is not working when serial numbers are set to “Assign”.

Area Changed: Inventory and Purchases - Physical Inventory Count
TFS Ticket 38716
Bugzilla 58365

Version - August 27, 2020

The Invoice Report has been modified to include the following details: If a check is received as a payment either under the original invoice tender or as ROA the check number and date received are published as a column with the invoice. ROA payment amount, the tender type, and date are published as a column of data with the corresponding invoice to show a correlation between a payment made and the invoice paid. Note, while ROA is a type of invoice that can be published, this is another line of data and the client is requesting this to be a column beside the invoice paid.

Area Changed: Reports - Customer and Invoice Sales - Invoice Report
TFS Ticket 38973

Version - August 14, 2020

The /addInventory method in the Inventory end point of the S5WebAPI is failing to find the non-Supplier Default records when adding Parts when the Item Code feature is enabled in System Five.

Area Changed: Web API
TFS Ticket 36512

Version - August 13, 2020

XO Lights Currency Issues: The XO Lights data feed, until recently didn't support a currency value. Data coming for a US vendor may be imported into System Five as Canadian currency regardless of the currency set to the Supplier. By using the default currency as set against the Supplier when creating the part in System Five, data in the Virtual Warehouse is now kept in the native currency of the Supplier.

Area Changed: XO Lights
TFS Ticket 38448

Version - August 12, 2020

Fix: Fixed Asset Depreciation Report is not filtering to a certain department. The department filter has been implemented for Fixed Assets, and a department column has been added to the report. Changing department now changes the department caption of the form.

Area Changed: Reports - Inventory Reports - Fixed Asset Depreciation Report
TFS Ticket 38875
Bugzilla 58367

Version - August 12, 2020

Fix: Payroll and S5webinstaller would not install on Pervasive 14

Area Changed: Errors
TFS Ticket 39147

Version - August 11, 2020

Customer Screen, and Purchases Tab, can now be sorted by supplier name by clicking on the column header. Also fixed an invoice re-use problem. That created invoice dialogs when System 5 was exited.

Area Changed: Reports - A/P Reports - A/P Transaction Report
TFS Ticket 38971

Version - August 10, 2020

Enhanced Purchase Order search functionality to include freeform comment filters

Area Changed: Purchase Orders
TFS Ticket 38655
Bugzilla 55472

Version - August 6, 2020

Addition of Country-specific reports for all existing Worksheet Detail reports. Currently, there are 7 reports within Worksheet Details. Two of them already have country-specific reports and the remaining 5 are: Deduction Summary by Employee, Income Summary by Employee, Payroll Item Summary, Tax Summary by Processed Date and Payee Work Hours Summary by Employee.

Area Changed: Report - Payroll
TFS Ticket 38878
Bugzilla 58371

Version - August 5, 2020

Fix for P14 issues. Data conversion issue with blobdata from old version was fixed.

Area Changed: Data Conversion
TFS Ticket 38185

Fix to refresh when switching Users while editing an Invoice. While logged into System Five with single Department Access in a multi-Department data set. The User can Switch Users while editing an Invoice to view the information in other Departments. When they are done viewing the other department information, they switch back to their regular user account, however, the open invoice had several disabled features due to the security setting from the other User Account, this is now remedied. The areas demonstrated where, Deliveries, Comments, Rental Information and access to Inventory records.

Area Changed: Security Management
TFS Ticket 36515

Fixed greyed out Ship-to tab when using Invoice Reuse on the invoice and the status of the toolbars in the Invoice. Also corrected a problem in the Quick Sale / Touchscreen that could cause the system to hang with an open, but empty invoice screen

Area Changed: Sales - New/Edit Sale
TFS Ticket 37551
Bugzilla 58321

Version - July 30, 2020

Fix to allow Installer to install P14 on Release and Beta.

Area Changed: Installer
TFS Ticket 38732

Version - July 22, 2020

Fix to refresh when switching Users while editing an Invoice. While logged into System Five with single Department Access in a multi-Department data set. The User can Switch Users while editing an Invoice to view the information in other Departments. When they are done viewing the other department information, they switch back to their regular user account, however, the open invoice had several disabled features due to the security setting from the other User Account, this is now remedied. The areas demonstrated where, Deliveries, Comments, Rental Information, and access to Inventory records.

Area Changed: Security Management
TFS Ticket 36515

Fixed the Ship-to tab on the invoice is greyed out when /invoice reuse is enabled. The status of the toolbars was fixed in the Invoice Ship To tab when using the Invoice Reuse feature in both SaaS and On-premises versions. Also corrected a problem in the Quick Sale / Touchscreen that could cause the system to hang with an open, but empty invoice screen.

Area Changed: Sales - New/Edit Sale
TFS Ticket 37551
Bugzilla 58321

Version - July 22, 2020

System Five hardcoded URLs updated. Outdated URLs pointing to our “Selfhelp” & “Academy” have been updated to new locations. AppService URL redirect also updated so OLD broken System Five links will still work.

Area Changed: Unidentified Area
TFS Ticket 38460

Version - July 9, 2020

COVID-19: Increase $150 Credit Card Processing Sent Limit to allow higher tap values to enable less PIN pad device contact.

Area Changed: Setup Wizard Items
TFS Ticket 37375

Version - July 9, 2020

Fix for Advanced Inventory Control: Pack Size Item does now explodes when received

Area Changed: Purchase Orders
TFS Ticket 36436
Bugzilla 58282

Version - July 7, 2020

Fixed Sales by supplier report shows the blank result, original functionality restored.

Area Changed: Reports - Customer and Invoice Sales - Design Customer and Supplier Report
TFS Ticket 37293
Bugzilla 57823

Version - July 7, 2020

Fix to Stock Transfer grid. The grid was populating the wrong field of information. The item number column in the printed report was being populated by part number, this has now been corrected.

Area Changed: Web API
TFS Ticket 36549
Bugzilla 58290

Version - July 3, 2020

Fix to the Serial Number Handling to honor the assign serial number option.

Area Changed: Setup Wizard Items
TFS Ticket 37674

Version - June 28, 2020

There are several scenarios where documents will be attached to an invoice (repair documents, schematics, permit fees). With the degree of frequency that this happens it is beneficial to eliminate the extra clicks by adding a documents button to the invoice directly to allow for easier upload.

Area Changed: A/R Starting Balances
TFS Ticket 37015

Added additional fields to display supplier in different areas of System Five: POS Grid Column
1) The Main Supplier is displayed on each line of the Work Order
2) The Main Supplier can be customized onto the POS Grid

Customer Purchases Grid Column
1) A user can query a customer and list customer purchases from the purchases tab
2) On each line item, a column can be customized into the grid to display the main supplier for an item

Both Grid Columns
1) The Supplier displayed is the main supplier listed in inventory record at the time of the query

Area Changed: Unidentified Area
TFS Ticket 37373

Version - June 26, 2020

P400 (Moneris) Canadian Device Support

Area Changed: POS Device Manager
TFS Ticket 36959

P400 (WorldPay IP (MercuryPay)) US Device Support

Area Changed: Payments
TFS Ticket 37104

Version - June 19, 2020

Fix to include an email in the /Invoice/AddInvoice endpoint in InvoiceBilling & InvoiceShipping.

Area Changed: Web API
TFS Ticket 31992
Bugzilla 58075

Version - June 10, 2020

Fixed Gift Card not functional on the SAAS environment. This was due to the OCX registration issue. The fix requires the dsiClientX set up on the workstation, and the remote device manager to get the registration working correctly.

Area Changed: Gift Cards
TFS Ticket 36516

Version - June 9, 2020

Fixed POA grid resizing error for large dollar values in the Printed Documents when the On-Screen Fonts are enlarged.

Area Changed: Sales - Payment on Account
TFS Ticket 36844
Bugzilla 58299

Version - June 4, 2020

Corrected an issue in the XO Lights Export Utility that caused an error to occur when the application was launched or ran in the Auto Import/Export mode

Area Changed: Setup Wizard Items
TFS Ticket 36525
Bugzilla 58291

Version - May 29, 2020

Fix to allow non-admin users to be updated to admin users.

Area Changed: Security Management
TFS Ticket 35084
Bugzilla 58256

Version - May 29, 2020

Fix for the No Unit Flag to reset it on each invoice rather than save the previous value for unit selection on invoices.

Area Changed: Sales - New/Edit Sale
TFS Ticket 36517

Version - May 29, 2020

Fixed calculation error for split prices when an invoice is printed while being edited.

Area Changed: Health Billing
TFS Ticket 36558

Version - May 27, 2020

Fix to the S5Installer so all builds will allow installing on Server 2012 R2

Area Changed: Installer
TFS Ticket 36342

The Bound Book Load was reporting DEFAULT Unit records as duplicates when the system was configured with Unique Serial Numbers across all Inventory. Now the Bound Book Load accepts all DEFAULT Unit records without reporting them as Duplicates.

Area Changed: Data Load - Unit Data Load
TFS Ticket 35214

Additional Columns, Invoice Item Freeform 1-3, are to be added to:
1) The recent purchases tabs in sales invoice and the customer record
2) The view tab in the invoice report

Area Changed: Reports - Inventory Reports - Sub Category Sales Report
TFS Ticket 36030

Version - May 26, 2020

A new option has been added to show health billing category totals. Totals will show at bottom of items depending on what columns are shown in the invoice.

Area Changed: Health Billing
TFS Ticket 36045

Version - May 21, 2020

Fix to data sanitization when pulling XML into System 5 to prevent incorrect quotation marks creating bad string values on import and impacting WECS

Area Changed: Import
TFS Ticket 35696

Version - May 20, 2020

Adjustments made to several message handlers to prevent 'mouse jumping' on the Invoice Reuse feature.

Area Changed: Sales - Quick Sale
TFS Ticket 35422
Bugzilla 58274

Version – May 13, 2020

“Update” button in “Virtual Warehouse Part Maintenance” not working properly after update to

Area Changed: Virtual Warehouse Management
TFS Ticket 35312

Version - May 13, 2020

New options in setup wizard, Rentals:
Option 1, is default and is what currently exists.
If you add a category price schedule exception to a customer,
the category price schedule exception is only for the Sales of Rental items.
Option 2, category price schedules for Rental categories will only
apply to the rental of the items, not the selling of the items.
Option 3, category price schedules for Rental categories will apply to both
the rental and the sale of rental items. Point of sales and Renew Rental Report use
price schedule exceptions to calculate accurate prices.
Price Schedule Exception Tab has 2 columns one for Supplier and one for Category.

Area Changed: Sales Orders
TFS Ticket 35848

Version - May 13, 2020

The department box is now a drop-down checkbox. You can right-click on it to select all. The Option has been added not to include backorders on Layaways and/or work orders. Note that the backorder quantity on the inventory item includes all invoices so the backorder will be total backorders - backorders on layaway - backorders on work orders (depending on your selection). If the inventory backorders are zero, layaway and those without backorders are not located. There is also an option to ignore old backorders which may or may not show depending on settings. This option is not compatible with the other 2.

Area Changed: Purchase Orders
TFS Ticket 32448

Version – May 12, 2020

Distributed Bills Template fixed by retaining the Amount, removing the existing line and add the new one with the original Amount when editing lines.

Area Changed: Accounts Payable Bills
TFS Ticket 35776

Version - May 7, 2020

Fixed vulnerability issues with MS XML 3 or 4 by replacing with XML 6

Area Changed: Installer
TFS Ticket 35693

Version – May 6, 2020

Fix to prevent System Five Installer 6.2.4.x from allowing installs of System Five on Windows Home/Retail Edition when the Home/Retail Edition is detected

Area Changed: Setup Wizard Items
TFS Ticket 32734

Fixed orphaned Item records in IStatus 2 (InStock) that are linked to Department Transfer Invoices causing errors in the Special Orders report and preventing the Fix Quantities routine from correcting the values for the affected items.

Area Changed: Department Transfers
TFS Ticket 34839

Version – April 28, 2020

For Better customer experience and more efficient implementation, the Close Ledger Year button is now hidden in Closing Routines when the Manual Method is not selected in the Setup Wizard. Also, Faxing is still possible from Windows 10 although there are requirements that have to be met.

Area Changed: Setup Wizard Items
TFS Ticket 31517

Version – April 27, 2020

The UsageTracking firing too early before login and may result in a status 51 if the setup file is encrypted is now addressed. INI file no longer looks for the version number of SAAS.

Area Changed: Cloud Infrastructure
TFS Ticket 34437
Bugzilla 57820

Version – April 21, 2020

The invoice reuse flag causing ghost layers on the Print & Exit buttons in Touchscreen and Quicksale is now fixed.

Area Changed: Sales - Quick Sale
TFS Ticket 34959

Version – April 20, 2020

Look-up of the Description 2 issue caused by special characters in the description fields and comments is now fixed.

Area Changed: Inventory Management
TFS Ticket 34949

Version – April 16, 2020

Fixed Suggested Transfer report display. Part Number and Description columns are expanded to display all of the full text; All of the columns are fully displayed.

Area Changed: Department Transfers
TFS Ticket 34055
Bugzilla 58179

Version – April 14, 2020

Warehouse Pick List Report is enhanced for better viewing. Comments are no longer cut-off.

Area Changed: Delivery/Dispatching
TFS Ticket 32697

Version – April 13, 2020

The Event Log now records the Creation, Editing, Saving and/or Cancelling operations for User Records.

Area Changed: User Management
TFS Ticket 31364
Bugzilla 58125

Version – April 13, 2020

Fix for Financial Stock Quantity update following the completion of a parts stock transfer. When transferring stock, Financial Quantity is now updated.

Area Changed: Setup Wizard Items
TFS Ticket 31613
Bugzilla 57707

Version – April 8, 2020


A problem that was causing the price on labor items to be changed to 0 if the customer on the invoice was configured for a Cost Price Level is now fixed. Labor items now correctly retain their pricing when changing the Invoice Type.

Area Changed: Sales Orders
TFS Ticket 31984
Bugzilla 58143

The issue that previously prevented setting the Primary Contact when there is more than one contact record with the same First and Last name is now corrected. Primary contact changes are now saved accordingly.

Area Changed: Customer and Supplier Management - New, Edit, Delete
TFS Ticket 33583
Bugzilla 58159

Previous errors and ability to edit the tendered amount on View Cash Only invoices are now fixed.

Area Changed: Sales - Quick Sale
TFS Ticket 34250

Version – April 8, 2020

For email configuration set to 'Send Email Directly', the previous issue of emails being sent after canceling if the email is entered manually is now fixed. Going out of emails has been improved.

Area Changed: Setup Wizard Items
TFS Ticket 34007
Bugzilla 58065

Version – April 6, 2020

Duplicate Serial Number checking in the Physical Count system has been improved. All Serial Number [ASSIGN] can now be counted and verified. Variance Report is also updated for better viewing.

Area Changed: Inventory Counts
TFS Ticket 32733
Bugzilla 58187

Version – April 2, 2020

A previous problem in the Touch Screen/Quick Sale wherein entering the quantity on the touchscreen, and then selecting a part number does not forward the quantity has now been addressed. Quantity entered is no longer ignored when adding a part through a scan or programmed button.

Area Changed: Reports - Setup Wizard Items
TFS Ticket 34276
Bugzilla 58191

A filter issue in the Inventory End Point of the S5 Web API is now fixed. All the filters in the Inventory/InventoryChanges method are working correctly.

Area Changed: Web API
TFS Ticket 33670
Bugzilla 58200

An issue with SQL Searches that included parts that are Marked Deleted is now fixed. SQL and Non SQL now have better searchability.

Area Changed: Inventory Management
TFS Ticket 33883

The issue involving Virtual Warehouse part numbers search not pulling up using full supplier part numbers is now fixed. Part Find efficiently pulls up the part number either from regular parts or VW.

Area Changed: Virtual Warehouse Management
TFS Ticket 31612
Bugzilla 58129

Version – March 24, 2020

If a dataset has a data version of 6.2.2 or below, System Five on-prem will successfully do a data conversion to 6.2.4 after installing the latest release versions 6.2.4.x. This also applies to customers using SAAS.

Area Changed: Data Conversion
TFS Ticket 33987

Version – March 24, 2020

The previous issue when Creating Interest Invoices is now fixed. When the Interest Invoices are created, ONLY the customers that show a value in the report in the Interest column turn green after creating the Invoices. All the cells that do not show a value in the interest column will remain grey.

Area Changed: Reports - A/R Reports - Statements
TFS Ticket 31776
Bugzilla 58145

System Five 6.2.2.x

Version – March 17, 2020
1. [TFS 32055 / 54712] Fixed ROA layout to show items tab.

Version – March 12, 2020
1. [TFS 32054 / 58090] Warehouse Pick List report now filters by the Delivery Task Date
2. [TFS 32447 / 58176] The Inventory/ End Point methods now accept a Department Parameter to reduce the volume of data returned by the API by limiting Stock, Price, and Sale Date information to the requested Department. Also matched the contents of the Returned Pricing to the object listed in the Swagger documentation.
3. [TFS 31445 / 56985] PORT 56985 to 6.2.2 release functionality of Purchase Orders to search by Item and Supplier Part (LEEF):

Version – March 10, 2020
1. [TFS 33107] Fixed Sys5ScriptRemote (ShipRush) access violation error

Version – March 12, 2020
1. [TFS 32056 / 58157] Corrected the Insert of new Inventory by the S5WebAPISvc to deal with situations where the Item, Part, and Supplier Part are all different in a data set. This is not a typical configuration and the system was not handling the lookup of the Virtual Warehouse records correctly in this specific configuration.

Version – March 3, 2020
1. [TFS 31638] Updated S5WebAPI Invoice endpoint to accept invoice line comments

Version – March 2, 2020
1. [TFS 32693 / 58180] Fix for Email on Cloud Failed Sending due to too much drive space

Version – February 27, 2020
1. [TFS 20459 / 57826] Fix to no longer allow merging of supplier with bound book historical transactions

Version – February 21, 2020
1. [TFS 28778 / 57921] Fix on conflict message “Not a Rental Invoice” under Rental Items tab upon adding layers to a rental invoice

Version – February 13, 2020
1. [TFS 9559 / 54848] Fixed Double Login Screen in single launch

Version – February 19, 2020
1. [TFS 31811] Fixed for a range check error when encrypting files from the PCI wizard and this is due to P14 change

Version – February 12, 2020
1. [TFS 20461 / 57716] Fixed the NaN character in the AADL export file showing in the client portion of the cash sale

Version – February 6, 2020
1. [TFS 29037 / 57882] Fixed A/R Error showing on Merged Customers with an outstanding balance.

Version – February 5, 2020
1. [TFS 24088 / 57874] Fix for the Windows Menu in tabbed MDI mode. New Tab was not active.

Version – February 4, 2020
1. [TFS 26659 / 58080] Filter by Lookup word fixed in Sales by Customer-Invoice Detail Report.

Version – January 30, 2020
1. [TFS 30379 / 47595] Fixed Access Violation error in design inventory report when rental columns are included.

Version – January 30, 2020
1. [TFS 17171 / 57749] Fix on /AddInventory endpoint. Did not update weight; ecommerce fields.

Version – January 17, 2020
1. [TFS 14432] Enhancement to Virtual Warehouse to allow “Update Inventory” to update all Suppliers at once.

Version – January 16, 2020
1. [TFS 20316 / 57820] Fixed “Current Department” option in the Customized Ledger Report to allow department selection rather than simply defaulting to “All Departments”.
2. [TFS 9029 / 56039] Fixed incorrect Meter Readings when Invoice Lines used.

Version – January 14, 2020
1. [TFS 26275] Fix for Tyler Rental’s Physical Count - Scan Batches and Direct Scan.

Version – January 8, 2020
1. [TFS 24323 / 57897] Missing Record State tables added to the XMLUtils for accurate Record State Tracking.

Version – January 7, 2020
1. [TFS 20462 / 57631] Fixed Special Orders not fulfilled from Back Ordered Purchase Orders.

Version – Jan 2, 2020
1. [TFS 25873] Fix Access Violations in the POS

Version – December 30, 2019
1. [TFS 24316 / 57059] Fix for /Invoice/{Unique} method doesn't return the correct amount for Shipping

Version – December 23, 2019
1. [TFS 25575] Fix on STA Report Not Respecting the end Date of Report

Version – December 17, 2019
1. [TFS 25171] Fix the access violation error in the touchscreen – layout control.

Version – December 12, 2019
1. [TFS 23898] The order of operations has been changed so that the DDF files are replaced AFTER all of the tables are successfully converted. This eliminates the problem during unsuccessful data conversion with upgrades leaving the DDF files not rolling back to previous file version.

Version – December 10, 2019
1. [TFS 23850 / BZ 57909] Updated the [Fix Queued for Transfer Items] toolbox routine to deal with orphaned [Queued for Transfer] items from deleted Invoices.

Version - December 10, 2019
1. [TFS 19603 / 57675] The selected Supplier Bank is now used correctly when creating Checks

Version – December 2, 2019
1. [TFS 20318 / BZ 57747] Corrected an issue that prevented the terminal selection for Timed Invoice Imports to work correctly in the SaaS (S5 on Cloud) environment.
2. [TFS 22644 / 57862] Corrected the way Tax Areas are assigned when using the deprecated /Insert_Full_Invoice endpoint in the WebAPI.

Version – November 26, 2019
1. [TFS 21294 / BZ 57827] Corrected a problem in the POS Device Manager that, in certain circumstances, it would allow a user to open the cash drawer without the correct permissions.

Version – November 26, 2019
1. [TFS 19490 / BZ 57767] Added Web Comment support to the /addInventory endpoint.

Version – November 25, 2019
1. [TFS 23764] Fixed the Data Collector setting for Use POS Device Manager becoming disabled depending on the file format setting. The file format setting is not used for the POS Device Manager setting. Fixed a possible issue if trying to import from an old COM scanner.

Version – November 20, 2019
1. [BZ 57858 / TFS 21188] Corrected an issue that would sometimes prevent Invoice Line prices from updating when the Rental Time Dialog closes.

Version – November 20, 2019
1. [BZ 57751 / TFS 19694] Corrected the cause of the crashing by preventing the API from returning all of the invoices when the ZERO parameter is passed. The API now returns nothing in that case. Added 2 new methods to address the need to obtain more than one invoice from the API in a single call.

Version – November 20, 2019
1. [BZ 57691 / TFS 19695] Two new endpoints have been added to the S5WebAPI to provide faster and more efficient access to the information provided by the Record State Tracking feature.
GET Customer/CustomerChanges and GET Inventory/InventoryChanges to provide faster and more efficient methods of retrieving the information on records changed since a specific date.
The CustomerChanges returns all of the customer records that have changed in a single call, rather than the original method, which required two calls to obtain the records.
The inventory changes return a small subset of the inventory record, only the UniqueID, Sale Start and End Dates, Pricing and In Stock Quantity are returned. This makes the call much faster and provides the information most commonly used.

Version – November 14, 2019
1. [TFS 22874] Fixed the unknown tender types that are causing errors in the POS Transaction Report

Version – November 14, 2019
1. [TFS 22902] Fixed the redirection awareness of gift enclosure printer in terminal services.

Version – November 12, 2019
1. [TFS 8265 / BZ 56325] Corrected the Sell Through Allowance Load function to properly update existing STA's based on the selections in the Default Retail Discount and Default Cost Discount dropdown options.

Version – November 6, 2019
1. [TFS 20253 / BZ 57658] Corrected an issue that was preventing the duplicate email address checking from functioning properly.
2. [TFS 20165 / BZ 57818] Fix to properly filter out the credit card batch closing entries from the POS Transaction report.

Version – November 5, 2019
1. [TFS 20256 / BZ 57819] Corrected the Invoice Report to deal with the costs and labor when an invoice is layered and the “Show Invoice Lines” option is selected.

Version – November 1, 2019
1. [TFS 20255 / BZ 57759] Corrected the report to display all PO information when the [Show Incomplete PO's] option is selected.

Version – October 31, 2019
1. [TFS 20167 / BZ 57816] Fixed the formatting issues in the Driver Delivery Schedule Report and the Loader Summary Report. Both reports now fully support the use of special formatting of fonts, colors
2. [TFS 19960] Multiple fixes on A/P Electronic Fund Transfer. Dollar ($) discount and the net amount (amount remitted) are now showing on the EFT Report. Printing checks now work with EFT form.

Version – October 30, 2019
1. [TFS 20286 / BZ 57726] Corrected the [Fix PO Stock Records] toolbox routine to properly handle the queued for PO stock status and provide better feedback to the user during the processing of the data.
2. [TFS 20366 / BZ 57815] Fixed a problem in the Open-Ended Rental Contract creation from the Rental - Reservation screen.

Version – October 29, 2019
1. [TFS 20288 / BZ 56900] Fix for deleting distributed bills.
2. [TFS 20705] Fix for S5WebAPISvc that got broken due to new data collector list load.
3. [TFS 14843 / BZ 57593] Updated the method used to launch the external Report Viewer from System Five.

Version– October 21, 2019
1. [TFS 18133] Fixed Cost and retail pricing of XO lights import is not working properly.

Version – October 16, 2019
Internal Build

Version – October 15, 2019
1. [TFS 15106 / BZ 57582] The Batch Check Printing in Print List has been corrected to properly report on journal entry checks.

Version – October 11, 2019
1. [56649/TFS 19918] Fixed issue with multiple promotions on a single part. Also, fixed issue with Inventory edit, promotions tab - no longer shows Non-Active promotions (active=unchecked, but dates still valid) and fixed more penny rounding issues.

Version – October 8, 2019
1. [TFS 15941 / BZ 57583] Fixed the root cause of the problem that prevented the Renewal of Rental Contracts with a layered invoice that contained Tag-Along kits and items with manually overridden pricing.

Version – October 4, 2019
1. [TFS 17099 / BZ 57640] Fix on Promotion: Redeem X points with Reward: Redeem dollar discount not working if the discount method used is Discount Item.
2. [TFS 19680] Fixed SaaS related issue with MAC machines sending non-ASCII characters as the client machine name.

Version – October 3,
1. [TFS 17977] Fix Promotion prompt in tendering screen for rounding up

Version – September 27, 2019
1. [TFS15933] Updated installers now show the new legal name of Windward Software Systems Inc.

Version – September 25, 2019
1. [TFS 14159] Fixed issue with barcode scanning items on promotion that only works when manually added to the invoice.

Version – September 23, 2019
1. [57772] In the XO Lights Import/Export utility, the option to prevent updating of the Part/Item Description has been corrected so that neither the Live Inventory nor the Virtual Inventory has the description updated by XO Lights imports.

Version – September 19, 2019
1. [56480] Corrected issue with primary contact on the supplier record not being highlighted.
2. [57623] Corrected the problem that caused the Date of A column of the Invoice Report to populated with the Invoice Total.
3. [ TFS 15737 ] Several of the new Endpoints do not currently log the Parameters or the Results to Log Analytics.

Version – September 18, 2019
1. [TFS 16977] Fix issue with applying for promotion: Buy Quantity X, Get Free Product and using penny rounding on an invoice.

Version – September 18, 2019
1. [TFS 17462] Fix problem when randomly get a list of index out of bounds error when logging into a dataset for the first time from a work station using Windward SaaS.

Version – September 17, 2019
1. [57680] Corrected a problem that prevented the pagination from working correctly in the Inventory End Point with S5WebAPI service.

Version – September 16, 2019
1. [TFS 17059] Version Registration can cause a thread to hang when launching System Five.
2. [TFS 16492] Bank rec import - add line breaks

Version – September 10, 2019
1. [56814] XO lights Website not showing correct quantities. Cause suspected to be invalid attribute codes
2. [57595] XO Lights - Export sending Internal Part Number when Supplier Part number is selected

Version – September 6, 2019
1. [57690] Updated the logging to Log Analytics to better report the start and finish of each API call.
2. [57668] Corrected a problem with the mapping of Address, Business Name, and/or full Customer Name fields for XO Lights integration.
3. [TFS 16698] Fix an issue with supported Promotion rule: Buy Quantity X, Get Free Product.

Version – September 4, 2019
Internal build.

Version – September 4, 2019
Internal build.

Version – September 3, 2019
1. [57641] Changing PDF directory is now allowed for Cloud.

Version – August 19, 2019
1. [57686] Fix on the output for the EFT Remittance PDF document.
2. [57591] Fix for SaaS printer settings.

Version – August 15, 2019
1. [57580] Corrected the maximum characters for the Part Number and Supplier Part Number fields on the Miscellaneous Part dialog.
2. [TFS 16026] (57648-2) Added SAAS logging function to find out why SAAS login API won't connect and fixed up lockup issue when hitting the X on the Install screen when it doesn't log in for API.

Version – August 15, 2019
Internal build.

Version – August 15, 2019
1. [57648] Added SAAS functions to read login information from an API.

Version – August 12, 2019
1. [57700] SAAS licensing set for 1 user: 1 machine for each license.

Version – July 29, 2019
1. [57671] Fix for failed registration error that is preventing successful login. Customer affected: All SaaS users
2. [57436] Minor fixes for additional support of Desjardins IPP320 pin pad device

Version – July 25, 2019
Internal build

Version – July 23, 2019
1. [57620] Quick Receive is no longer available is Bound Book is in use. The Quick Receive menu item is not displayed. The Quick Receive options in Purchase Order Options of the Setup Wizard are disabled, with a warning comment. If Bound Book is not enabled, then the Quick Receive options and features are available. If Quick Receive is enabled, then it is not possible to enable the Bound Book feature, there is also a warning comment on the screen to inform the user WHY the feature cannot be enabled so they can turn off the Quick Receive and proceed with the Bound Book.
2. [57563] Fixed a problem with the Custom Date selection in the Category/Item Sales Detail report.
3. [TFS 14483] Disabled temporarily the option to load templates from web repository for default invoice form design.

Version – July 17, 2019
1. [57245] Fixed XML issue in which large negative numbers were causing the Multi-Cat report to crash System Five.

Version – July 15, 2019
1. [57554] Corrected a problem in the \addInvoice method of the S5WebAPISvc's Invoice endpoint. In previous versions, the Billing and Shipping information was not correctly setting the Tax Area on the Invoice and in some specific cases, new Customers were not being added to the system.

Version – July 11, 2019
1. [57606] Enhanced System5 to reload it's printer list as the operating system recognizes its printers.
2. [57559] Corrected issue with AIC purchase order increasing quantity over what was received.
3. [57517] Corrected issue with printer list not always loading in some reports.

Version –July 5, 2019
1. [57282] Added logging to Multi-Cat report/export feature.
2. [53410] Added the ability to mass email from the recurring invoices screen together with these additional fixes: • The Email column is now always visible.
• The Email column can be clicked to change the icon.
• Invoices that have already been emailed are now marked by a specific icon.
• Added the ability to Re-Send emails that have already been sent.
• The User can close and re-open the report to pick up where they left off.
• If the Sending of email fails, the system detects the problem and stops the process. The system also messages the user to inform them.
• There is now a small panel at the bottom of the screen while the system is sending an email, again to inform the user of the current state of the system.

Version – July 3, 2019
1. [56608] The value on the report was always based on the Current Rate for the current day, regardless of the selection made by the user. This has been corrected and now the values are either based on the exchange rate on the date of Purchase or the Current Date as selected by the user.

Version – June 27, 2019
1. [56419] Fixed a scenario where a user could return a part with a reason code without selecting an invoice.

Version – June 25, 2019
1. [57558] Corrected issue with Dept Transfers out of stock warning message when using Advanced Inventory Control.
2. [57543] Add the new fields to the ABA file export for EFT.
3. [57489] Fixed the Fill Back Orders function so that existing STA information is applied correctly to the Back Orders as they are filled.
4. [57348] Corrected problems with the Category/Items Sales Detail report that were causing it to run very slowly. Improved the report’s performance roughly at a factor of 10.

Version – June 21, 2019
1. [57400] Fix for line percentage discount using Promotions.
2. [57021] Tax Summary Report by Employee can now be used for US and CA datasets.

Version – June 19, 2019
1. [55001] Pay Periods Weekly (53) and Bi-Weekly (27) has been added as one of the default pay periods.

Version – June 18, 2019
1. [57444] Enhanced System Five to allow an option to produce multiple log files by using a special naming convention.
2. [57390] The SaaS and Release build merge.
3. [56644] Fixes to Health Billing authorizations and category values.

Version – June 11, 2019
1. [57309] Added feature to not show invalid terminals and the ability to not show selected terminals.

Version – June 13, 2019
1. [57509] Fixed Back-dated Inventory Value report showing $0 financial stock value.
2. [56547] Corrected the contents of the Status column when a Rental item is OUT or RETD to only display the asterisk [*] if there is a conflict for the current line on the current invoice. This behavior had been changed while adding in several additional conflict considerations and was a significant change in behavior without a good reason.

Version – June 12, 2019
Internal build

Version – June 11, 2019
1. [55677] Fix for deleting of credit cards on file when a customer account is deleted.

Version – June 11, 2019
1. [24414] Corrected issue with department transfers and AIC location always choosing the first location regardless of what location is manually selected.

Version – June 10, 2019
1. [57404] Made additional changes to unit security enhancement:
• Serial can now be copied
• Comments tab should no longer be read-only with limited view security enabled
• Delete button disabled if user data loads or manually creates serial, but doesn't have permissions
2. [57332] Added KitType, Weight, Instock by Dept, SaleStart, SaleEnd, AltSuply, and Barcodes information to the GET /Inventory endpoint of the S5WebAPI.
3. [56751] The ability to populate Alt Supply records and Barcode records is now supported in the GET /Inventory endpoint.
• AltSupply:
This is a structure that must be populated to create the desired record and association with the Inventory record. The Swagger documentation contains a complete and detailed model of the required fields and their purposes.
• Barcodes:
This is a structure that must be populated to create the desired record and association with the Inventory record. The Swagger documentation contains a complete and detailed model of the required fields and their purposes

Version – May 31, 2019
Internal build.

Version – May 31, 2019
1. [57350] The S5WebAPI /Inventory endpoint now includes the web comment data.
2. [57267] An e-Commerce filter has been added to the /Inventory endpoint of the S5WebAPI.
3. [56767] Virtual Warehouse is now considered by the S5WebAPI and the behavior is consistent with System Five.

Version – May 30, 2019
1. [57380] Fix for on hold serial numbers showing in the Design Inventory Report.

Version – May 29, 2019
1. [57421] Fix for editing Remote Relay Group ID.
2. [57003] Fix for GST Included Cash Basis Tax Zone report.

Version – May 27, 2019
1. [57216] Added logging audit to S5WebAPI.
2. [55015] Removed extra message boxes and standardized the way messages are displayed with Conflict Warnings in the Point of Sales / Point of Rental screen.

Version – May 21, 2019
1. [57397] Added UnionPay card range 8 sequence.
Note that with the upgrade to Windward System Five an upgrade to Datacap and possibly pin pads may be required depending on the processor and version of Datacap they are using.
• US customers require Datacap version 5.07 which should auto-update the server.
• Canadian customers require Datacap 5.06.11 dated February 4, 2019.
• Canadian customers on Datacap 5.05.06 using the outdated vx810 do NOT have a upgrade

Version – May 16, 2019
1. [57349] Found and solved the major speed issue with the recording of the Written Sales Report.
• Re-formatted the reports to make room for large dollar values as testing showed the columns were not wide enough.
• Add Styles to all of the reports so that fonts and lines are all formatted the same.
• Added alternate line colors to the Details section to make the reports easier to read when there is a large volume of data.

Version – May 15, 2019
1. [57080] Corrected issue with Access Violation in SaaS using the InvoiceReuse parameter.

Version – May 14, 2019
1. [57383] Added the missing Environment Variable creation to the initial registration of the WindwardPOS.exe during the initial configuration and setup.
2. [57227] The Polaris Parts Locator feature now works for a user without Inventory Edit permissions.

Version – May 14, 2019
1. [57351] The Customized ledger report, All departments will now show totals for the departments you have security for.
2. [57311] Fix for EFT Export with the supplier account number.

Version – May 10, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [55546] The speed issue of Inventory Value Report has been addressed and a new option is added to provide slower reporting method when required.
2. [49504] Added Mobile SMS as an available field in the invoice form designer.

Version – May 9, 2019
1. [57322] Added echo testing to the remote POS Device Manager.

Version – May 7, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57327] Added “Get_Parts_V2” S5WebAPI endpoint that will return inventory information as well as additional JSON node with matrix parent item unique number.
2. [57307] Fixes for Remote POS device manager handling disconnected terminals.
3. [57170] Corrected issue with S5WebAPI where addInvoice endpoint doesn't always bring in all invoice lines.

Version – May 1, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57306] Corrected the Customer Name display on the Unit/Capitalization of Invoice tab in SaaS environment.
2. [57301] Prevent multiple instances of the POS Device Manager from running.
3. [57296] Added option to run a shutdown.BAT file when closing System Five.
4. [57221] Fix for printing multiple copies with the MS Windows print dialog prompt on redirected RDP printers.
5. [56567] Corrected issue with changing invoice type on the Ship Via tab of Invoice Details window not saving shipping information.

Version – May 1, 2019 (not a general release)
Internal build

Version – April 18, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57268] file replacement found in Windward Wiki tool.
2. [56972] Fix for incorrect list price on rental invoices.
3. [56401] Fixes for Category/Item Sales Detail Report when compiling a report for an individual salesperson.

Version – April 11, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57208] For SaaS - Copy machine settings for new machines.

Version – April 9, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57253] Fix for dialog issues when emailing invoices.
2. [57228] Email To HTML on purchase orders is now cleaner (no longer adding rich text markup or HTML markup).

Version – April 8, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57257] Revenue Recognition report is now recognizing the currency selection instead of defaulting to the invoice currency.
2. [57251] Fix for Orientation Print dialog setting
3. [57238] Fix for the appearing dialog box on re-cost invoices with Sell Through Allowance - Billing.

Version – April 5, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57228] Email To HTML on purchase orders now cleaner (no longer adding rich text markup or html markup).
2. [57194] Updated Orgill Integration for Canadian customers.

Version – April 4, 2019 (not a general release)
Internal build

Version – April 4, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57128] Latest build of the Remote POS Device Manager.
2. [56513] Corrected issue with Category/Item Sales Detail Report showing inaccurate information.

Version – April 3, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57061] Fix for POS Transaction report in Windward SaaS

Version – April 3, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57155] Blocking the registration of applications if the user logged in is a Windward user.
2. [56211] Added Toolbox routine “Check for Bank Rec closing problems” now fixes cleared and closed items that cause them to show up on new Bank Reconciliation reports

Version – April 2, 2019 (not a general release)
Internal build

Version – April 1, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57199] Added percentage and G/L totals to the Revenue Recognition Report.
2. [56542] Fixed bank selection and changing issues in the batched cheque printing and editing of unposted cheques.
3. [55111] Corrected issue with Block and move invoice not being reported on the Bills vs. PO Reconciliation report.

Version - February 26, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57023] Reduced amount of memory used for the Unit List report.

Version – March 15, 2019
[56857] Added report filter option “Include Work Orders” to the Sell Through Allowance reporting

Version – March 11, 2019
[56507] Added Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) supporting First Interstate Bank

Version – March 8, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [56992] Corrected issue with non-chargeable rental days being ignored.
2. [56786] Fixed the updating of Views in the Pervasive database.
3. [56804] Fix for Sell all button on the rental tab dealing with non-serialized items.
4. [55831] Fix for rental line refresh when selling rental item.

Version - February 26, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [56852] Added support for billing and shipping account lookup by account details with Invoice-AddInvoice endpoint for S5WebAPI.

Version - February 6, 2019 (not a general release)
1. [57025] Payment processing fixes for Paymentech with CVV number prompt and added ICMP pin pad.

Version - February 5, 2019 (not a general release)
1.[56978] Fix for WindwardPOS.exe error when registering a server.
2.[57024] Fix for SaaS too many stations error

Version – February 7, 2019
1. [56143] Fix for redeeming multiple possible promotions when option “No” is selected.
2. [56963] Fix for Message Relay emailing for SaaS.
3. [56965] Added options for connecting local Partsmart to on SystemFive Cloud.

Version – January 25, 2019
1. [55980] Added a limited edit user security option for units.
2. [55951] Solved the issues in the Bill and PO Reconciliation report and now the system correctly identifies the items with a difference when those options are selected. The report also works with both Landed or Cost value comparison, against applying the different settings as selected.

Version – January 14, 2019
1. [56936] Fix for SaaS unable to create sales invoices.

Version – January 9, 2019
1. Internal build.

Version – January 8, 2019

1. [56428] Added consideration for default foreign/local bank configuration for a departmentalized dataset in during cheque creation.
2. [56793] Access Violation Fixes.
3. [56794] Better login handling and changes to SAAS licensing.

Version – January 7, 2019
1. [56507] Fix on previous supplier names no longer showing in PDF file name. Changed field to show CCDPAYABLES in the export file. Added discount field to remittance for Wells Fargo EFT Enhancement.

1. Internal build.

1. [56836] Corrected a problem with the “/nosplash” command line parameter and added logging support to the Payroll application.

Version – January 1, 2019
1. [56769] Fix for Ranking Sales report sales per hour.
2. [56684] Fixed the rental list price fix toolbox routine.
3. [56686] Fixed slowness when promotions are used with rentals.

Version – December 28, 2018
1. [55828] Corrected the Bill and PO selection by Date Range to only include the information that matches. When the Bill Date Range is used, all of the bills will be in the date ranges and only the Purchase Orders associated with those AP Bills will be included, regardless of the date of the PO. When the PO date range is used, all of the Purchase Orders will be in the selected date ranges and only the AP Bills associated with those POs will be included, regardless of the date on the AP Bill.

Version – December 20, 2018
1. [56146] Ship Via information is now copied into new Block and Move invoice.

Version – December 10, 2018
1. [56741] A Toolbox routine to help clean up Health Billing Category issues.

Version – December 7, 2018
1. [56555] Corrected formula for fixed cost scenario for Sell Through Allowance.
2. [56623] Fixed calculations and improved speed on Written Sales Report.
3. [56771] The flag to send Allow Partial Auths is now sent for all dsiEMVX and dsiPDCX and dsiClientX transactions.

1. [56482] Found and solved a problem when the API is passed an invalid Department value.
2. [56621] Fix for serialized department transfers using AIC.
3. [56673] Fix for the correct location to show on invoices.

1. [56758] Fix for invoice line consolidation with serialized parts.

1. [56704] Fix for parameter /invoicereuse=Y commandline option which speeds up invoicing.

Version – December 27, 2018
1. [56750] Removed the duplicate error from the Free Form information in the WebAPI for Polaris Integration.

1. [56676]* Embed web browser into a tab in the inventory screen for Tailbase integration export to e-commerce.

1. Internal build.

1. [53719] Fixed scenario where commission for completed invoices was not showing on the report when invoice closed in a later reporting period than when it was paid.

1. [56626] Improved the overall performance of the Written Sales Reports.
2. [56659] Fix added to prevent selecting of quarantined.

1. [56673] Fix for the correct location to show on invoices

Version - November 15, 2018
1. [55979]* Added the ability to override default invoice service type using the Setup Registry.
2. [56164] Toolbox routine created to report invoice AADL lines with bad category information on them and optionally perform a fix.
3. [56203] Toolbox routine added to fix scenario where two units point to the same stock record.
4. [56442]* Added the Big Rock - Category Mapper to the Integration Platform menu in the Navigator.
5. [56515] Fixed problem where invoices would not allow you to re-add the promotion once removed.
6. [56613] Updated the Swagger Documentation for the GetInventoryValue endpoint.
7. [56639] New Remote Message Relay for Windward Remote POS device manager.
8. [56654] Part find Qty Lookup for Big rock now uses the common classes to perform the lookup.

1. [53881] Corrected a problem in the New Invoice screen that would cause the Customer Find screen to be displayed multiple times when searching by the last four digits of the phone number.
2. [56493] Slight speed improvements for large dynamic kits.

1. [55631] Changes have made to the version checking for the SAAS version of System Five to try and eliminate any extraction/file locking issues when checking the version on login.
2. [55737] Do not recalculate price now takes priority over setting Line Rental Rates.

Version - October 30, 2018
1. [56539] Corrected the Department assignment for the Transfer Stock function in the inventory maintenance screen.

Version 1. [55609] Corrected a problem in Department Transfers when the Shipping Department has stock with a different cost than the Stock in the Requesting department.

Version 1. [53589] Correct the calculation of the total ordered for parts displayed in the Order tab of a Purchase Order, regardless of the status of the PO (Pending, Sent, Complete, Backordered)
2. [56448] Fixed the max value of the Part Unique that can be used as the Misc Part on Invoices.
3. [56477]* The Updating of existing DEP Items is now functional.
4. [56495] Inventory Prices can now be returned in specific currencies by providing the Currency Code in the request.
5. [56605] Solved the Range Check Error when using the Stock Management Tool in a Non-Department dataset.

1. Internal Build

Version - October 16, 2018
1. Internal Build

1. [56478]* Enhanced Polaris Integration items:
- Vehicle Service Plan
- Vehicle Service History
- Promotions
- Task Scheduler
- Added security to the Setup and configuration items.

Version - October 2, 2018
1. [56487] Corrected issue with incorrect rental list price if rental contracts are changed.
2. [56189] Faster loading of Rental Units on invoices.
3. [56380] EFT Bank Identifier (BSB) number now allows leading 0's.

1. [54000]* Customizable grids now have an option to Hide Zero Values with any single character.

1. [56441]* The Big rock Quantity Lookup uses the Supplier Part Number.
2. [56311]* New links for the Help menus and buttons.

1. Internal Build

Version - September 18, 2018
1. [56114] Fixed issue where the second payment was adding to tax-free sale amount (G3).
2. [55062] Fix for Orgill Integration PO Import no longer functioning.
- Mapping a single vendor category to multiple System Five categories is no longer allowed. System Five does not support this.
- Category mapping is enforced through the integration tab for a supplier. Category mapping can be updated through the integration tab, or by assigning a System Five category to a vendor category in the supplier integration center.

1. [56236]* Corrected a problem with EFT output file when processing multiple payments.

1. Internal Build.

Version September 4, 2018
1. [56391] WebAPI: Fixed fields not getting updated in Customer methods.
2. [56404] WebAPI: Fixed errors when calling Insert_Invoice_Lines and Delete_Full_Invoice.

Version to
1. Internal builds.

1. [56397] Two new columns added to the grid in the virtual warehouse part maintenance to prevent error.

1. Internal build.

1. [54021]* Written Sales reporting
2. [56351] WebAPI: Fixed fields not getting updated when using the Suppliers_Update call.
3. [56372] WebAPI: Added support for invoice totals, taxes, and amounts paid to invoices created by the WebAPI.

1. [54843] WebAPI: Added support for the needed fields for the Virtual Inventory WebAPI methods.

1. [56047] WebAPI: Fixed broken legacy calls, unexposed Put calls, and updated Swagger documentation.
2. [56349] WebAPI: Fixed Get_Superseding_Parts to properly return an array of superseding parts.

1. [56191] Added the Swagger-Publishing subfolder to the client bin to support the Swagger documentation for the S5WebAPI.

1. [56335]* WebAPI: Port System Five WebAPI service (S5WebAPISvc) to Release.

1. [56020]* WebAPI: Made the WebAPI aware of the data version it is connecting to, only connecting to the data version it was compiled with. Swagger documents now show the data version number.
2. [56242]* WebAPI: Added support to the Invoice endpoint for Keywords on Invoice Lines.
3. [56268]* WebAPI: Added Big Rock Quantity lookup to Part Find.
4. [55003] WebAPI: Solved the problems with the Change_Invoice_Type and Perform_Stock_Adjustment endpoints.

Version to
1. Internal builds

Version - August 08, 2018
1. [55050]* When scanning parts, not on the work order, will now open the work order, so you can make changes.
2. [55476] The Unit Cost, Extra, Freight and Duty values all load correctly when performing a Unit Data Load as long as the data contains a valid existing Part Number for a Product/Unit type inventory record.
3. [55950] When there is a category to map to we now update the virtual warehouse category.
4. [56297] WebAPI: Get_Part_Prices call would now acknowledge the set Effective Date.

Version 1. [51973] Corrected a problem that prevented users with limited permissions from editing the Ordered quantity on Purchase Orders.
2. [56048] Solved an error state that would occur when attempting to add multiple parts to a Department Transfer in an AIC enabled dataset.
3. [56081] Removed requirement to connect to FTP server when we only need to do a file import.

Version - July 26, 2018
1. [55946] Stock Management Report Sorting by Part number, Supplier Part number, and Category & Part Number are now available.

Version - July 24, 2018
1. [55894] Web API: Fixed the Get_Customer_By_Email POST method.
2. [55982] Corrected a problem related to data in comments and a rare type scenario that could cause the system to remember a comment from one area and print it in another.

1. [55947]* Corrected the Quarters that are displayed on the Stock Management Report to be the current Quarter and the previous 3, as per the specification.

1. Internal build.

1. [55715] Contract rental price now calculated after subtracting grace period from the rental contract end date.
2. [56099] Red warning message no longer shows when viewing Stock/Ledger Reconciliation report, only when configuring.

1. [54843]* Web API: Added support for the needed fields for the Virtual Inventory WebAPI methods.
2. [54703] Web API: Fixed the Get_Parts POST method to return the list of linked Free Form Comments.

Version - July 10, 2018
1. [55437] Fixed the error when editing department transfer invoices while promotions are enabled.
2. [55638] Toolbox routine added to fill in missing Unit/Serial meter readings for rental contracts renewed by System5 rental renewal functionality.
3. [55942] Corrected an issue with Invoice rental rates changing when inventory record is updated.
4. [56073] The Bank Identifier number for EFT on supplier records are now letting all 9 characters be entered for a special case where only 8 characters were accepted.

1. [55475] When a new rental creates a meter reading, a setup wizard option will now allow you to choose if you want System Five to set the unit status to R, or leave unit status unchanged.

Version - June 27, 2018 #2
1. [56064] The Direct Mail feature has been fixed.

Version - June 27, 2018
1. [56049] Fixed an issue with the Bank setup that could cause the system to hang.

1. [55253]* Added two columns to the Customize options in the Just-In-Time Required Orders Report.
2. [55777] WebAPI: The Part Image fetch is now constrained to accept a single part unique at a time. This is required to prevent the API from running out of memory trying to build a JSON object that contains 500KB of encoded data for the entire inventory file. It simply is not possible to create a JSON document that large.

1. Internal build.

1. [55898] WebAPI: The Customer, Supplier, and Invoice List endpoints have been updated to POST Commands that accept a Body containing the Field and/or Filter items.

1. [55895] WebAPI: Fixed the Get_Parts POST method to return the list of linked Lookup Words.
2. [55924] WebAPI: Polaris Dealers can now select the System, Five Supplier, that their Polaris Parts are linked to report to the Process Parts Inventory feature of the Polaris integration.

1. Internal build.

Version - June 13, 2018
1. [55587] Corrected an issue when importing A-type invoices where customers didn't get properly attached and shipping information did not get populated.

1. [55525] Added a toolbox routine to correct the Part Numbers in the Virtual Warehouse after a data conversion.

1. [55267] Fixed issue where no popup window would display on promotions when scanning.
2. [55581] Enhanced the Inventory integrity check to look at UNSENT PO's and add missing 'stok' and 'stoktran' records.
3. [55917] Corrected an issue with initialization when inserting shipping addresses on deliveries.

Version - May 29, 2018
1. [55371] Added global payments vx805 to the available pin pads.
2. [55435] Fixed issue where duplicate parts were created in the virtual warehouse when running Windward XO Lights import/export utility.
3. [55631] Changes have made to the version checking for the S5 on Cloud version of System Five to try and eliminate any extraction/file locking issues when checking the version on login.
4. [55661] Corrected an issue with parsing XOLights CSV files that use ampersands.

1. [55313] Cloud WebAPI: Solved blank field issues.
2. [55859] WebAPI: Fixed an access violation error when importing inventory with the S5WebAPI and seasonal highs/lows enabled in System Five.

1. Internal build.

Version - May 10, 2018
1. [55175]* Added feature to enable Sell Through Allowances for select customers only.
2. [55390]* Added support for Retail Price Column for XOLights Import Export Utility.
3. [55688] Corrected the creation of new Inventory Location records.
4. [55700] Corrected the duplicate Check Number routine to use the correct date value for comparing the Rollover date to the checks.
5. [55769] The database problem that was causing errors in the POS System has been corrected.
6. [55783] Corrected a problem with a conflict between the Auto Surcharge feature and the Unit-Tag Along kits item.

1. Internal build.

Version - April 26, 2018
1. [55599] Add the ability for System Five to Export to Excel and send an email via Outlook across the Remote Point of Sale Device Manager to the client machine when running in a Remote Desktop environment which has neither Excel nor Outlook installed, but the connecting client does.
2. [55692] Solve the User/Threading issues in the WebAPI.

1. [55597] Fixed the update of the totals at the bottom of the POS screen when the Tax Area changes.
2. [55603] Fix for Moneris ipp320 debit issues with cashback prompting.
3. [55632] Fixed API call to return Unit Free Form information.
4. [55642] Fix for Find Serials on Invoice to include rental serial numbers.
5. [55652] Fix for the appearance of a frozen application when comments are converting.
6. [55680] Fixed a TStock error when receiving a PO with quantities greater than the quantity ordered.

1. [55575] Fixed an issue with displaying protected rich text comment information in the Invoice find info column.
2. [55583] Fix for tranex table definition.
3. [55613] Corrected an issue that prevented the creation of multiple bills in the AP Bill Creation wizard.
4. [55646] Corrected issue with STA data loads and last record not being loaded.
5. [54977] The Inventory Value reporting is now exposed through the S5WebAPISvc.

Version - April 10, 2018
1. [55537] Fix for Selling multiple rental serials on the rental dialog and fix for Sell All not dropping serials on the rental times' tab.
2. [55573] Fixed issue where multi-select rental serials do not add tag-along kit items to all the selected rental serials.
When adding additional rental serials to an invoice that have tag-along kits, the kits will also duplicate for each additional serial.
Note the duplication is from the invoice tag-along, not the inventory item tag-along so if you modify any of the tag-along kit items on the invoice and then select the additional serial, the additional serials will have the modified version of the tag-along kit items. This is for Inventory tag-along kit items, not rental unit tag-along items.
3. [55574] Fix for Unit tag-along items being added to the invoice when additional serial numbers are added to the invoice.
4. [55585] Solved a problem with AP Checks in non-department datasets.

Version to
1. Internal builds.

Version - April 03, 2018
1. [55527] Update System Five data definitions with Springboard tables.

1. [55419] Added a VOID button to the Check Edit interface that is controlled by the Trace Mode security the same as the Un-Post button.
2. [55501] Corrected issue with XO Lights invoice import setting a primary contact.
3. [55505] Corrected calculation with net book value for the unit screen.

1. Internal Build.

Version - March 15, 2018
1. [52874] Corrected issue with linking Virtual Warehouse records to existing inventory records.
2. [54170] Corrected issue with creating bills from Purchase Orders with tax included.
3. [54985] Added a check for XO Lights Import Utility HTML encoding in the description of inventory and Virtual Warehouse data load.
4. [55110] Fix for Generate Barcode to check for existing barcode BEFORE checking to see if the part number can be used as a barcode.
5. [55341] Solved the email issues in the ACH Electronic Funds Transfer.
6. [55354] Corrected issue with XO Lights Import utility and Vendor ID length checking.

1. [55117]* Purchase Orders versus Bills routine date index fixed to “by bill” or “by PO” instead of both.
2. [55143]* Added Invoice Customer PO to Category/Item Sales Report.

1. [55364] Corrected issue with Tool Box Department Move routine.

Version to
1. Internal builds.

Version - February 27, 2018
1. [55321] Fix for customer credit card slip not printing for the card, not present transactions.

1. [55325] Solved the missing export file issue.

1. [55065] Fix for saving unit info for lines 6 and 7.

Version to
1. Internal builds.

1. [55201] Tweaked Part data load for proper part matching when the supplier is defined.

1. Internal build.

1. [55096] Corrected issue with back-ordering Dynamic kits.
2. [55177] Added layer of security for accessing bank setup and sensitive employee timesheet information.
3. [55185] Added functionality to checkmarks to detect supervisor mode change so that supervisor mode can be turned on when you are editing.

1. [48661] Added Bound book to department move toolbox. Use with caution.
2. [54112] Added Inventory Description 2 to the available Purchase order columns on-screen and printouts.
3. [55246] Fix for creating supplier primary contacts.

Version - February 13, 2018
1. [55099]* Added support for Moneris iPP320 payment terminal.
2. [55128]* Support added for Vantiv I/P store and forward.
3. [55215]* Notification enhancements to Credit Card Store and Forward.
4. [55223] Fix for Moneris customer receipt language and support added for UnionPay.
5. [55233] Fixes for payment processing EMV receipt.
6. [55063] Solved a problem with entering starting Check Numbers that are missing from within the current numeric sequence.
- Updated the Bank Setup to better apply the Check Numbering rules and constraints and help guide the user to a proper and consistent value for the Last Check Number.
New functionality:
- The Bank Setup now allows the user to set up each bank using different rules.
- They can control the Check/Reference Numbers that are entered by choosing to allow or disallow Alpha characters, and they can also choose from 4 sequence options.
* No Duplicates (Default)
* No Duplicates with Insert ability
* Force Last Number
* No Validation

Version to
1. Internal builds.

1. [55141] Fixed an issue with Design Inventory report and group by matrix part reporting incorrect MTD information.

Version to
1. Internal builds.

1. [54916] Corrected issue with returning inventory and selecting a location for AIC.
2. [55138] Corrected issue where inventory can't be returned on an invoice when AIC is turned on.
3. [55152] Corrected issue with Account free form comments not exporting properly for Health Billing export.

Version - February 1, 2018
1. [55181] Fix for missing index in ATFBOUNDBOOK.BTR\\. SPECIAL INSTRUCTION: If a Pervasive status 6 error occurs on the ATFBOUNDBOOK.BTR, update to this version then run the Utilities - File Check to rebuild the ATFBOUNDBOOK.BTR which will add in the 12th index to correct the issue.

Version to
1. Internal builds.

Version - January 25, 2018
1. [55171] Corrected the EFTDetail and EFTHeader tables conversion issue.

1. Internal build.

Version - January 23, 2018
1. [54975] Split the Inventory Value logic out of the U.I. Corrected a reporting problem for Serial # Holds and On Order/ On Special Order values that were being missed when there was no Stock currently in the system.

1. [54958] Fixed issue that could prevent category matching from restricting virtual warehouse parts from being properly filtered in Part Find.
2. [55054] Fix for signature pin pads not asking for signature when allowing credit card entry on screen is also enabled.
3. [55056] Fix for unknown currency error when closing the POS transaction report.

1. Internal build.

1. [52474] Corrected issue with inventory rental rates not staying the same on a rolling rental renewal.
2. [55053] Ported missing code to handle s5polling and encryption issues.

1. [54766] Fix for duplicate serial number checking logic.

1. [54663] Added functionality to delete NEW trade-in serials to the POS serial select screen.

1. [53381]* EFT support for Wells Fargo ACH has been added for paying Suppliers.
2. [54908]* Applied new splash screen to System Five.
3. [53561] Free Form Search in the Advanced tab of the Find Invoice screen has been fixed.
4. [53848] Fix for Outlook OLE Automation hides Email Client that should be displayed.
5. [54374] Enhanced the renew rentals to display a comment explaining why a rental was renewed as an Estimate instead of a Work Order.
6. [54380] Enhanced picture controls to also display PNG images.
7. [54935] Fixed the odd behavior in the Free Form Search dialog.
8. [54960] Fix for department color selection in Setup Wizard.
9. [54971] Fixed issue where the supplier part number from the virtual warehouse was not being displayed.
10.[54986] Added new toolbox routine to fix serialized static kit sales history.
11.[54989] Fix for multi-currency price schedules.
12.[55030] Fix for Health Billing close button.

1. Internal build.

Version to - January 8, 2018
1. Internal builds.

Version - December 21, 2017
1. Internal build.

1. [54514] Corrected issue with VW barcode searching by creating a new toolbox routine.
2. [54769] Corrected issue with Point of sale transaction report and cash count.
3. [54773] Fix for min/max shop supplies when adding shop supplies manually to the invoice.
4. [54774] Fix for adjustment of shop supplies when manually added.
5. [54849] Fix for backorders on Quick Cash invoices.
6. [54861] Fix for Special character ½ shown as a question mark (?) from old invoices after the upgrade.
7. [54869] Check to ensure timeouts are disabled for multi-currency conversion.
8. [54952] Corrected issue with renewing rental invoices using frequency.

1. Internal build.

1. [54839]* Virtual Warehouse enhancements for Big Rock Integration.
2. [54289] Fixed an issue when using Templates on the Invoice Report.

1. Internal build.

Version - December 11, 2017
1. [53660]* Additional Customization of the Category/Item Sales Report.
2. [54890] Modified the system to prevent the display of the totals before the completion of the loading of the invoice screen.
3. [54894] Fix for currency rates date.
4. [54109] Found and fixed the source of the mysterious duplication of lines items on invoices in a WEAR dataset.

1. [54809]* Enhanced cheque stub printed items order based on feedback.
2. [54881] Fixed index issue while printing invoices.

1. [54620] Added automated Pervasive Database Object Deployment to System Five.
2. [54867] The data clean up for an Invoice Line Delete has been fully reviewed and corrected.

1. [45658] Fix for Multi-currency Average Stock Price.
2. [54708] Corrected issue with the currency conversion in Aged AP report.

1. Internal build.

1. [52842] Corrected issue with XO Lights Vendor Id invoice importing.

1. [54550]* Added a new option to the Bills and POs Reconciliation report to show only items that have a difference between the GL amount and the PO landed cost amount.
2. [54565]* Updated the Stock/Ledger Reconciliation Report so that it only includes finalized invoices.
3. [49707] Added ability to unlink special orders that have an error.
4. [53303] Fix for user security to add payments but not edit payments.
5. [54647] Fix for FreeForm data entry setup.
6. [54715] Enlarged error message box to handle large error messages.
7. [54737] Fixed issue that could prevent “View in Excel” from working with various versions of Windows and/or Office.

Version - November 23, 2017
1. [54613]* Added a “Date Format” box to the data load routine so users can identify the date format used in the data load file.
2. [54636]* Table enhancements for Springboard ETL Replacement.
3. [54653] Added Compression for records and pages to BlobData.btr and SigData.btr to greatly reduce the size of the files.
4. [54806] Fixed record lock issue for Blobhead table.

Version to
1. Internal builds.

1. [53465]* Added options for allowing duplicate serial numbers in certain circumstances and not allowing them in others.
2. [52141] Fix for PO scanning of bar codes.
3. [54637] Corrected issue with XMLCentral not consuming delta records written specifically for e-commerce export.
4. [54722] Fix for dsiPDCX pin pad initialization.

1. [54617]* Add option in Setup Wizard to enable Require Supervisor for Check Mark Dialogs.
2. [53493] Added ability to preserve selling price if modifications to Zsheet occurs.
3. [54193] Added RDP virtual channel re-connection.
4. [54611] Fixed issue that swapped the “Last Meter” and “Last Maintenance” columns on the Preventative Maintenance grid on the Unit Edit screen.
5. [54661] Corrected a problem that caused the Label printing to use the wrong date to find the Sale Price of an Inventory item.
6. [54666] Fix for inventory queuing from other departments.

Version - November 7, 2017
1. Internal build.

1. [54451] Fixed incorrect DDF files.
2. [54519] Fix for Date Fix Routine error handling.
3. [54555] Minor fixes and warnings for PCI Compliance wizard.
4. [54639] Corrected a problem that would prevent the creation of Paid Out Invoices or adding GL Code line items to invoices.

1. [53405]* Enhanced Check Stub printing and Check Run, Bills Due Report.
2. [54264]* Fixed issue with invoice drill-down in the Pick Slip checker.
3. [54342]* Enhancement to allow the user to swap screens between pick slip checker and invoice details windows.
4. [54363] Corrected the default value of properties in AR Transaction data to prevent the storage of invalid data.
5. [53091] Enhanced the default matrix selection when selecting the “Matrix” tab on the Part Find screen.
6. [54434] Corrected issue with open rental contracts not retaining the proper meter.
7. [54533] Updated the Stock History Report and Stock Transactions Report to handle R.M.A. Invoice quantities in a manner that doesn't affect the Total Stock. Added boxes to the Total Section for R.M.A. In and R.M.A. Out. Fixed the display of Outstanding and Completed R.M.A. Invoices in the R.M.A. screen
8. [54602] Fixed issue in the “Find Journal” screen that could display journal entries that a user should not be allowed to see.

1. [53885]* Added options to be able to show the Supplier Part number and/or Item Number to the Physical Inventory Count sheets.
2. [54419]* Enabled grid customization on the Current Rentals grid.
3. [39266] Fixed issue that would not show the serial number in the rental conflict screen.
4. [54064] Corrected issue with rental time dialog not refreshing the invoice in POS.
5. [54100] Fix for unearned revenue multi-currency.
6. [54323] Fix for tag along with kit item quantities with backorders on Quick Cash invoices.
7. [54378] Corrected issue with PO receive and putting inventory into stock with the backorder.
8. [54389] Corrected Range check error with reserving stock from inventory already on PO.
9. [54450] Fixed issue that could prevent the “Re-Price” and/or “Re-Tax” screen from appearing if the user changes the price schedule or taxes for a customer while a sale is open for that customer.
10.[54460] Fixed issue that could result in incorrect rental dates when renewing rentals every X days.
11.[54490] Fix for error message logging.
12.[54515] Changed “Check Multi-Word description” option to enable/disable when PSQL connection is not available instead of not showing option.

1. Internal build.

Version - October 26, 2017
1. [53986] Display and speed issues have been addressed in the SPIF's Paid Report.
2. [54223] Fixed issue where upgrading reporting engine doesn't maintain the link to the reports.

1. [54524] Fixed SQL search for Comment records in the Part Find window.
2. [54291] Added departmentalization of payment processing settings for Tokenization and TerminalID.
3. [50999] Speed increase for dynamic kits.

1. [54196]* Added the department filtering the System Five Health Billing export screen and updated the ADP style sheet to allow a vendor ID per department to be set up.
2. [49566] Fixed issue that would prevent the Non-AIC location to appear on labels printed through the Design Inventory Reports.
3. [54045] Corrected issue with opening Journal Entries.
4. [54100] Fix for unearned revenue multi-currency.

1. [53831]* Fixed issue in the Postal Code Database that would replace an existing street address with an empty address.
2. [54226]* Completed the restructure of Comments.
3. [54096]* Stock Level Management Phase 2 and 3 enhancement.
4. [47476] Fix for Points redemption and changing line quantities.
5. [54188] Corrected issue with Block and Moving Technician labor information in an invoice.
6. [54300] Found the source of the problem and corrected the Bank Deposit Wizard to deal with incorrect settings.
7. [54430] Fixed error when updating dataset to latest release version.

1. [54210]* Updated the System Five icon.
2. [53710] Gift cards now allow for card numbers less than 4 digits if card range is setup. Fixed asking for signature capture on an onscreen card number entry. Customer is not likely to be present.
3. [53830] Added additional prompt for adding existing items to inventory clothing matrix.
4. [54251] Fixed issue that could allow clerks to change discounts when they do not have security permissions to do so.
5. [54313] Fixed issue where bank deposit wizard setup fails when no banks are set up.
6. [54327] Fixed issue that moved several inventory label fields from Part to Barcode.
7. [54355] Added functionality to Inventory Size Matrix delete button to remove inventory from the matrix without deletion of the inventory item.
8. [54372] Improved data conversion process by removing HR Btrieve files that do not have indexes as files that need to rebuild.
9. [54366] Fix for Error 19 Reenter using TSYS with Address Verification Service.

Version - October 5, 2017
1. [53926] Fixed erroneous duplicate check number warnings.
2. [54111] Fixed skipping of check Numbers in Payroll and System Five.

Version to
1. Internal builds.

1. [54354] Updated the CEF missing files message and auto-extract the missing files from when System Five is launched.

1. Internal build.

1. [53307]* New Browser for Cloud Integration Platform added to System Five.

1. [54178] Fixed issue that could cause rounding issues when using five or more decimals places for cost pricing.
2. [54231] Changed Part Find so that when searching by Item Number a single returned result is automatically added to invoice.
3. [54253] Fix to prevent repeated promotion customer required dialog from occurring.

1. [51404] Fixed the logic when adjusting the rental start times of a specific invoice line.
2. [54009] Correction to Eco Tax checking for fixed tax rate.

1. [54198]* The SMS box will now always appear on the customer screen.
2. [54255]* Added new option to disable editing Date Check Lists unless the user has Supervisor Override turned on.
3. [54259]* Added new toolbox routine to export pictures from the blob data.
4. [54132]* The Size 2 and Size 3 fields are now available on the quick cash grid.
5. [54131] Fixed issue in the auto-bill creation that could cause a supplier's balance to be out-of-sync on the supplier bills tab

Version - September 14, 2017
1. [53835]* Stock Level Management report which allows updating of highs and lows.
2. [53602] Fixed issue that could prevent accurate rental rates when rental rows are deleted.

1. Internal build

1. [53739] Added the inventory description 2 fields to the Inventory Report designer and Part Find screen.
2. [54191] Fixed issue that would cause incorrect rental end dates when rolling rentals every # of days.

1. [53884]* Enhancement to Unit Invoice Grid.
2. [54071]* Added support for drag and drop picture files into the image selection.
3. [54048]* Revisions to Stock Management Tool - Added Queued for Order column to Stock Management Tool. Added Supplier Part number (or alternate supplier part number)
4. [54062] Corrected problem with deleting invalid bound book records when the associated unit has already been deleted.

1. [54059] Corrected issue with Inventory integrity removing the link between serial and layaway invoice.

1. [53924]* Added a new toolbox routine to add/remove users to/from departments.
2. [53989]* Improved error and message handling when sending emails via Mapi Mail and Outlook OLE.
3. [53302] Fix for receiving report auto-bill creation for book month and department.
4. [53997] Added use base margin option and base margin column in salesperson invoice report.
5. [54050] New fields have been added to the label designer: Category Number, Category Name, Supplier, Brand, three Size fields, and five Measurement fields.
6. [54086] Fix for offline credit card payment, add to batch transactions.
7. [54103] Fixed issue in the pro-rated rental calculation that could cause incorrect charges on renewed rentals that end with 6 days.

Version - August 24, 2017
1. [53960] Corrected issue with XO Lights Import utility and memory usage.
2. [53949] Corrected issue with space characters in the company name parameter.

1. [52975]* Enhanced the ability to identify received items on a Purchase Order intended for Customers.
2. [54014] Fixed an access violation with s5Sync.exe
3. [54043] Added S5 Sync Utility for properly updating S5Sync.exe.
4. [53946] Corrected issue with S5Synch version checking.

1. [53597]* Enhanced the Bills and Purchase Orders screen to enable drill-down to Purchase Orders and Bills.
2. [53931] Added extra invoice total checking.

1. Internal build.

1. [54002] Corrected issue with outdated S5Sync in builds.
2. [53856] Cleaned up excess database hits from creating a rental invoice.

1. [53907] Corrected issue with Sales Person Invoice Report and the breaking up of invoices by the salesperson.

1. [53922] Added a new feature to enable the half-day rental rate calculations for Tyler Rentals pro-rated rental calculations.
2. [53978] Corrected issue with newly created acquisition record containing disposition information from a previous acquisition.
3. [53663] Corrected issue with Required Orders Report and PO Creation with inventory that has a special order.
4. [53992] Fixed issue that could prevent proper rollback when files change from .btr to .mkd in the datafiles folder.
5. [52994] Enhanced System Five to be able to data load unit status records.

1. [52812]* Sales Progress Report now allows selecting by main and subcategory.
2. [53952] Fixed issue where the inventory descriptions could be deleted.

1. [52838]* The Invoice Report can now be filtered by Invoice Delivery Date.
2. [53794] Fixed UI issues with the entry and maintenance of Health Billing Category codes.

1. [53651] Minor increase in integrity check speed.

1. [53919]* Fixed issue that could prevent a unit from displaying the meter-in / status popup when it is being returned.
2. [53718]* Added the new Purchasing List enhancement.
3. [53902] Fixed access violation when opening the same task twice.

Version - August 1, 2017
1. [53903]* Added a new toolbox routine to capture message logs.
2. [53861] Corrected issue with Ampersands in XML and XSL transformations in System5 for FedEx ShipRush integration.
3. [53879] Fixed for invoice postings when cost and inventory account are the same.
4. [53893] Added deletion of dangling journal comments to the toolbox routing Fix Dangling Comments.
5. [53898] Fixed a bug in the Tax Area Report that would omit non-taxable sales from the “Parts Sold” and “Labor Sold” columns.

Version 1. [50546] Fixed Supplier Balance error, in the supplier’s bill tab, if there is an auto-created bill from PO.
2. [53867] Fixed a bug that could throw “Range check error” in the Invoice Report when a customer has an invalid price schedule.
3. [53899] Improved the Salesperson Commission Report to improve the error messaging when errors are found analyzing historical sales.

1. [53254] Fixed error in the New Shipment feature when adding items to PO.
2. [53605] Labour lines with assigned mechanics will no longer adjust quantity with the main tagalong kit.

1. Internal Build.

1. [53843] Fixed a bug that would cause rental information to be lost when flipping the invoice to subtype 'E'.

Version - July 18, 2017
1. Internal Build.

1. [53792]* A new toolbox routine has been added to purge empty RTF comments.
2. [53816]* Option added to disable contactless for Mercury Canada.
3. [53817] Fixed issue that would prevent the meter in value from saving when a unit is returned from rental.

1. [52971] Added method for handling meter changes for units.
2. [53661] Fixed issue that would prevent disable the “Customize Grid” option on the Find Invoice screen
3. [53741] Fixed issue that would prevent stock move in an AIC database when stock values were 1,000 or greater.
4. [53811] Issue fixed in the Invoice Report that would prevent it from opening.

Version - July 11, 2017
1. [52995]* Enhanced the Pick Slip Checker to have more available columns of information and more functionality, such as Kit handling.
2. [53556] New maximum tax type A for tax on invoice taxable subtotal instead of invoice subtotal.

1. [53670] Fixed issue with the pro-rated rental rates that would cause rentals to be priced incorrectly.

1. [53720]* Enhance message when updating cost for Main/Alternate supplier when receiving PO.
1. [53609]* Enhanced licensing for Inventory Pooling.

1. [52780]* Autofill Customer Information onto the Drop Ship Details Tab of the Generated Special Order PO.
2. [53346]* Corrected issue with adding contacts to account record for XO lights invoice import.
3. [53535]* Fixed issue that would display some inventory values for non-stock units.
4. [53678]* Added a new option to queue delta records when a database transaction is in progress.

1. [53537]* Fixed issue that would cause the Net Book Value of a fixed asset to display as zero.
2. [51957] Fixed the Import CSV for Part Load to update the cost from the import file.
3. [52191] Fixed issue that could cause units to have the serial number icon on the part find screen.
4. [53356] Fixed issue that would prevent the BlobUtils from appearing in the Toolbox.
5. [53664] Fix for Australian Tax Zone report for invoices paid by account.

1. [53299]* Fixed the total display for Margin in the Salesperson Invoice report.
2. [53500]* Minor fixes to the Rationed Sales report.
3. [53553] Corrected issue with Mileage readings being overwritten by Invoice or unit mileage overwriting rental contract mileage.
4. [53621] Fix for login with a certain security setting.

Version - June 20, 2017
1. [52778]* Added the ability for the user to change the Supplier for a given part from within the Special Order window.
2. [53550] Fix for Application Server log in when the application server is on the client machine.
3. [53593] Fixed add/edit task issue in 6.2.2.

1. [53318]* Enhanced System Five to report on rental status, unit status and stock status in multiple places such as inventory record screen, Sale serial rental selection.
2. [53519]* Added the ability to populate Unit Label options by passing a semi-colon delimited list.
3. [53532]* Enhanced the unit load to support Inventory and Depreciation ledger accounts.
4. [52813] Fixed issue on the customer screen that would cause the “New Payment” button to not auto-select the customer record.
5. [53407] Fix for promotion buy X for the price of Y.
6. [53507] Fix for purging signature capture data.
7. [53536] Added a fourth rental rate to the invoice item grid customization.
8. [53562] Fixed issue where serial/unit rentals were not saved correctly.
9. [53565] Fixed issue that could prevent System Five from exporting grids to Excel.
10.[53571] Fixed issue that could cause the rental rate columns to appear incorrectly in the invoice item grid customization.
11.[53578] Fixed issue that could cause inconsistent display between the Rental Status and the items grid.

1. [52908]* Added new options for Membership list price printing on the invoice.
2. [53528]* Added options to suppress signature capture and Confirm Amount prompt for transactions under a certain dollar amount.
3. [53441] Added “Rental Serial” and “Rental License” to the invoice designer's items grid.

1. [52927]* Unit Field drop-down option enhancement.
2. [53484] Added a check for Pervasive 12 to the Live Update for System Five versions 6.2.2 and greater.
3. [53504] Data conversion fix for missing images directory.

1. [53448]* Added two new dimension sizing options: Single Board Foot and Single Square Foot.

1. Internal Build.

Version - June 5, 2017
1. [53428] Fixed setup issue with Interdepartmental Sales when customer/supplier unique greater than 32767.

Version to
1. Internal Builds.

1. [53343]* Added support for IGeoCode USA database to the Postal Code Database engine.
2. [53305] Corrected issue with Rental Mileage being affected by service work.

1. [53236] Fixed Rental Time dialog behavior.

1. [52867]* Added new promotion reward item Promotional Prices. This reward is only supported with “Buy Quantity X” and “Buy Amount X” with price adjustment.
2. [53374] Fixed issue where System Five may not see installed Pervasive 12 software.
3. [53399] Fix for out of stock items on promotions.

1. Internal Build.

1. [52107] Fix for grid excel exports.
2. [53257] Fix for landed prices in A-type invoices converted from B type invoices.

1. [15877] Added option to include oversold in Physical Stock count.
2. [52881] Fixed the Tax Area Report so it will not include invoice line that is not sales.

Version to
1. Internal Builds.

Version - May 17, 2017
1. [53271] Added ability to assume full-day rentals for every day of the contract when using the rental time option of “NONE”. This only affects manual rental rates.
2. [52951] Corrected issue with bound book merging different acquisition records for the same serial number.
3. [53239] Various fixes for transferring serials from one part to another.
4. [53294] Changed installer to check for Pervasive V12.
5. [53319] Fix for design inventory report suggested order column.

1. Internal Build.

1. [53229] Fix for Access violations in parking invoice.
2. [53250] Find Unit screen now shows “SOLD” as the Rental Status if a rental unit has been sold.
3. [53323] System Five will not load if Pervasive 12 (client/server/workgroup) is not installed on the computer.

Version - May 11, 2017
1. [53295] Added the ability to set up a half-day rate and grace period when using pro-rated rental rates

1. Internal Build.

1. [53264] “Half-day” rentals issue fixed.

1. [52698]* Included option to add Ship To customer and phone to the special orders report.
2. [52923] Corrected issue with a multicurrency conversion for required orders report.
3. [52392] Corrected an issue with the Tax Area Report not displaying all required invoices.

1. [51564] XO lights issue with Subsidiary supplier for invoice import will be resolved with Vendor ID enhancement implementation.
2. [53250] Find Unit screen now shows “SOLD” as the Rental Status if a rental unit has been sold.
3. [51774] Corrected export data issue with ATF 3310 report.
4. [51994] Corrected issue with amendments for FADR dates.

1. [50912] Fix for emailing statements with attached invoices.
2. [51547] Added new Setup Wizard option to reclaim the contractor tax amount by adding it to the invoice line selling prices.
3. [51750] Number of decimals for quantities fixed in department transfers.
4. [52502] Fixed a Type mismatch error in the Shipment functionality.
5. [53173] Filtering out “Duplicate return” log lines causing errors in multicat.
6. [53188] Adding Ship Via display options to multiple reports and screens.

1. [50841] Fixed an issue where processing ShipRush with a different clerk than the invoice clerk would have changed the invoice clerk to the clerk performing the ShipRush process.
2. [51586] Fix for cash-based accounting partially paid bills.
3. [53183] Added a new rental option that allows the rental end date to not change when the rental start date is changed in the Invoice Rental tab.
4. [52894] Issue of duplicate parts being created during XO invoice import has been resolved.

Version - April 20, 2017
1. [47476] Fix for Points redemption and changing line quantities.
2. [50666] Reverted keyed in full part number behavior in PO and Department transfer screens.
3. [51519] Fix for R Type invoices with cash-based tax reporting.
4. [51520] Fix for cash-based tax report (Tax Zone).
5. [51521] Fix for R Type invoices using cash-based accounting tax report.
6. [51756] Fix for building serialized static kits.
7. [52508] Fixed a case where Lookup words would fail to attach in the customer data load under certain circumstances.
8. [52641] Fixed cost / retail amounts being reversed on new case breakdown create screen.
9. [53154] Invoice Report enhancements.
10.[53155] ATF 3310 report can now populate ATF 3310 forms including a fix for range check error.
11.[53166] Corrected issue with show sold for consignment @ POS not displaying.
12.[53168] Corrected issue with Daily Sales Recap Report not displaying correct monthly sales total.
13.[53204] Fixed the Connect to Outlook OLE Automation not working with Outlook 2007 and lower.
14.[53208] Added the ability to export customer/supplier/contact mail/email info from the grid to Excel in the Find Customer/Supplier, Task List and Opportunity Find windows.
15.[53240] Added a new checkbox to assign data loaded contacts as the primary contact for a customer/supplier.

1. [51575] Fix for 445 accounting making journal entries.
2. [51756] Fix for building serialized static kits.
3. [52423] Rental rates Discount from Base Period no longer freezes System Five when editing an inventory item where the user has set it up to discount the Base Period from itself. Zero is now returned as the price until corrected.
4. [52525] Added some handling for NaN (not a number) errors in costing fields.
5. [53116] The ZSheet calculations will now display according to the number of decimals set to quantity in the setup wizard.
6. [53117] Fixed issue where white space was being added before ZSheet cut lists.
7. [53190] Fixed Commission Rate Setup issues.
8. [53206] Fixed state/province case sensitivity issue in the Duty-Free Distribution Sales report causing many transactions to be listed in the unknown group. Also added a button to view transaction details on the unknown group in that report (when applicable).
9. [53213] Fixed infrequent access violation when saving a task in Real Windward.
10.[53219] When Setup Wizard, Customers, Customer Options, use Extended customer tax exceptions is disabled, the Design Customer report shows the Taxes column values as two Tax Exemption flags.

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