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Before purging inventory, it is recommended that you first create a backup of your system. Click here to view the steps to create a backup:[]=manual&s[]=backup

Purge Inventory: 1. Make another backup of the system. 2. Go to Reports > Design Inventory Reports 3. In the yellow box, type a new report name, called Delete Inventory. 4. Click on Columns. 5. Double click on the following words in the Available column: a. Category b. Part Number c. Supplier 6. Click View 7. Right click on the screen, click Export to, then Export to Microsoft Excel. 8. Navigate to a folder on your computer then call the file, Delete System Five Inventory. Save it. 9. The excel file should open automatically, if not, go open it. 10. Change the supplier name in the supplier column to Delete, not the header but the actual rows. Every single row needs to have the name Delete. 11. Save the file once, then click Save As and save it again as a CSV file. 12. Close the file. 13. Go back to System Five, Click on Setup Tools > Configuration > Data Load > Part Load 14. Click from File, find your file and double click it or click open 15. Then click Next on the System Five screen 16. Right click on each field and make the category field Category, the Part Number Field as Part Number and the Supplier Field as Supplier Name. 17. Click Next, then check the following checkboxes: a. Skip Header Row b. Update existing Regular Parts and load others into Virtual Warehouse c. Click Next, Next then Load 18. Next go to Setup > Utilities > Toolbox. Click Ok regarding the backup, then click Yes, regarding the Question, Did you back up your data. 19. Click on Inventory Routines > Adjusting Routines then click Delete Inventory 20. Type in the name Delete, then click Delete Inventory then click Ok. 21. That should delete all of your Inventory. If any have not deleted that is because they are tied to an invoice. If that is the case, you will need to make sure all invoices are empty, meaning delete the products off the invoice, change the customer name on the invoice from the current name to Coast Lighting, then void the payment, then void the invoice.

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