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Data Collector Setup

A data collector is a small portable device that you can use to collect barcodes and quantities of items. The device has no information stored on it so it can not validate whether the barcode read is valid or not. After scanning items, you must return the item to its cradle, and upload the data into System Five. System Five supports importing into invoices, purchase orders, add stocks, and count batches.


Updated software link for Optimus SP5500 Data collector listed below:

SP5500 Optimus®S Series Data Collector

The software suit for this device can be downloaded from

This device uses the data_read.exe program to download the data from the data collector.
To set this up create a directory such as c:\metro\
Copy the data_read.exe program from the metrologic install directory into this directory.
Use the data_read.exe program to test your communication with the data collector, when you have the setting correct, make note of them.

In System Five, setupwizard, Point of Sale Devices, data collector/file import settings,
Set the Data Collector File Format to Item,quan
Set Data Collector Program Interface to Use Command line parameters
Command Line c:\metro\data_read.exe
Parameters data.txt,<Upload via>,<COM Port>,1,1,1,1,1,0,0,2
*Replace <> with parameters from the list below.
Result File Name c:\metro\data.txt

 Data_Read <File name>,<Upload via>,<COM Port>,<Baud rate>,<Save mode>,<Add CR character>,
 <Add LF character>,<Show error>,<Show data>,<Show dialog>,<Keep online>,<Polling time>
 Valid Parameters:
 <File Name> : Max length: 256 byte
 <Upload Via> : default: 1
 1: RS232 or IrDA
 2: IR Cradle
 3: Modem - TAPI
 4: Modem - COM
 <COM port number> : 1 ~ 255, default: 1
 <Baudrate> : default: 1
 1: 115200 bps
 2: 57600 bps
 3: 38400 bps
 4: 19200 bps
 5: 9600 bps
 <Save mode> : default: 1
 1: Overwrite
 2: Append
 3: Output to keyboard
 4: Auto
 5: Auto append
 <Add CR character>: enabled if the value is '1', or disabled otherwise.
 <Add LF character>: enabled if the value is '1', or disabled otherwise.
 <Show error> : display error message if the value is '1', or hide otherwise.
 <Show data> : display received data after the transmission if the value is '1' or hide otherwise.
 <Show dialog> : display this dialogbox if the value is '1' or hide otherwise.
 <Keep online> : this process will keep online if the value is '1', otherwise disconnect after the transmission.
 <Polling time> : 1 ~ 999, the time period for data polling if the process is keep-online mode

Note: When I ran the routine manually to download the file it had to have the little window open in order for the file to be sent from the device. Also, the device has to be on the cradle when the user sends the file.

  • Consider increasing the <polling time> to something like 30 seconds to give the user time to initiate the download on the device.
  • On the device they go to Utilities > Transfer Files > Send Data. IMPORTANT: (device must be on the cradle during this process, do not remove it from the cradle at any point). This will allow you to initiate the download from the device.
  • There are some menu choices on the device that come up and allow you to remove the file from the device which clears out all of the scans you made and allows you to start fresh.
  • If using the cradle connected via USB cable, try using Cradle IR as the <Upload Via> choice.

Metrologic Scanpal Data Collector

Please download the following installer

Metrologic Scanpal2 Data Collector

Metrologic MK5502 Data Collector

The following steps are used to configure the MK5502 Data Collector:

1. Install the OptimusS Software that came with the Data Collector.
The Path is Start > Programs > Optimus Software > Optimizer.

The Data Collector requires you to download a program, which allows it to recognize serial numbers.
First we will setup the hardware aspect of the Data Collector.

2. Plug one end of the USB Serial Cable to the host computer, and the other end to the RS 232 port on the back of the Cradle.
As well, plug in the power cord to the right of the RS 232 port, and the other end to an available outlet.

3. Now you can place the Data Collector into the Cradle and it should be able to charge. Hold down the power button on the bottom
right corner of the device, and the device should power on.

At this point, if you try scanning an item, you will get a “Wrong data type” Error. This is due because there is NO program downloaded to the scanner that makes it recognize serialized items. So the next step will see you downloading a program to the Data Collector.

4. To download the default Optimus program, navigate to the Optimus Program which is located at (Start > Programs > Optimus Software.)

5. Once the software has loaded, click on File on the top Menu, and select Open. The location of the default Optizmier program (opt file) is:
C:\Program Files\Metrologic Instruments\Optimus Software\Sample Optimizer Applications\Batch Examples\OptimusS.

6. Open the file named Optimus Default Example.opt

7. Now turn on the Data Collector, and press the ESC button on the left side. On the menu, select the Utilities option and press the Left arrow to enter.

8. The next step is to select “Transfer Files” and then “Get Program”. Verify that the method of connection is through the “Cradle” and that the baud rate is 115200.

9. Once that is done, go back to the software, click Tools on the top menu, and navigate to Communication > Download Program. The program you opened previously which was the default file will now be downloaded through the cradle to the data collector.

10. Once the program has downloaded to the data collector, press the up arrow on the collector, and select “Run Program. This will execute the default program which was just downloaded.

You should now be able to Scan an Item, and input the Quantity of the item after the initial scan.

System 5 Configuration

To Setup the Metrologic MK5502 Data Collector in System 5 complete the following:

1. Start System 5 and navigate to “Setup Tools > Setup Wizard > Advanced Mode > Point of Sale Devices > Data Collector”

2. Under “Data Collector File Format” Select “Item,quan” and under the “Data collector program interface” section select “Command line Parameters”.

3. For “Command Line” specify the location of the Optimus program. Type in: “C:\Program Files\Metrologic Instruments\Optimus Software\Optimizer.exe”.

4. For the “Parameters” field type the file you are uploading the data to and as well the COM Port you are using in accordance with the Data Collector. The format will be similar to this: “file.TXT,4,1,1,1,1,1,1,0”.

5. For the “Result File Name” field specify the location of the file that is receiving the data from the data collector. For example, if the file was called test123.txt and located in the root of the cd drive it would look like this: “C:\test123.txt”


Unitech HT630 or PT630 Data Collector

Please see the following article pt630

Unitech PT500 Data Master

Please download the following installer\s5datacollectors.exe

Unitech PT 600 Hornet

Please download the following installer\s5datacollectors.exe


Link to setup and information on the Cipherlab CPT 8200 Series is located here: Cipherlab CPT 8200 Series Information


  • Opticon 1700
  • Worthing Tri Coder

Please download the following installer\s5datacollectors.exe

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