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Makes And Models of Scanners

The overall idea behind a scanner is that it needs to get the barcode and related information input to the program that consumes that information. That means it needs to do those small extra little tasks that are critical to enabling the program to recognize it as a barcode. For HID, and Keyboard Wedge style interfaces the prefix and suffix are very important. Since the input is taken in just like someone typing the information you need a way to differentiate between normally typed text and a barcode scan. USB-Serial or Control characters are the way this is done.

Preferred Configuration is USB-Serial

Most modern scanners support USB-Serial, sometimes called USB CDC Host. This can be used with the POS device manager and will work reliably without losing scans. It will work with all versions of Remote Desktop. It is also the easiest to configure as it requires no preamble characters. Just select the Virtual COM port in System Five and you are done.

See programming_a_symbol_ls_2208_barcode_scanner for more configuration information.

CTRL + B, our control character

  • Location of key: CTRL stands for control, and it is a key on the bottom left most position of your keyboard in most cases. There is another below the right shift button as well for most keyboards.
  • What is a CTRL + B: If you hold CTRL and hit the letter B on your keyboard it will send CTRL + B to the active screen / application. This is a special character that can be used for shortcuts in windows. These control type characters are not normal characters so they can be used to perform special actions like indicating that a barcode is about to be scanned.

Testing the CTRL + B character

It may be necessary to ensure that the CTRL + B character is being properly sent to your application. The easiest test is to do a scan in the DOS command prompt. Open a DOS command line window and perform a scan “^B” is the character you are looking for. It shows as 2 characters, but it is really only one character. There are ways to test and ensure this.

A similar test can be done in the setup wizard of System Five. The barcode setup allows you to scan a barcode and you will see a “(2)” scanned at the start. This is how we display the HEX character 2 which is a CTRL + B character. If the (2) shows up when testing your scan, it is being scanned correctly.

From the Supported Hardware List

The supported hardware list can be found here: supported equipment list. It may be more current than the information below. Please check this link for changes.

Other Scanners in Use

This is the beginning of the documentation of other models in use by customers. Conversely I also want to make note of any scanners that have been problems and do not work for one reason or another.

  • xi3000 from This link provides a how to article on setting up this device. products seem to have windows programming interfaces. I think this makes things much easier for windows based installations.
  • Metrologic, MS 9540

Use the Config Sheet in case we need to restore the factory settings of the scanner


MS9540 ctrlkBprefix file is used for adding the preamble code


Note: Skip step 2 “Load RS232 Defaults” if the scanner is using a USB cable. Only use it when using a serial cable.

  • Symbol LS4278

Scanners that did not work

Terminal Services Considerations

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