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 ====== PCI Compliance ====== ====== PCI Compliance ======
 +Payment Card Industry (PCI) has developed security standards for handling cardholder information in a published standard called the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS). The security requirements defined in the DSS apply to all members, merchants, and service providers that store, process or transmit cardholder data. PCI Standard is developed and managed by the PCI Standards Organization
-Information about PCI Compliance and what you will have to do with your computer systems and procedures beyond what is outlined below as it pertains to Windward Software solutions\\ 
-  * Windward System Five Version 6.0 is Certified as PCI Compliant under PA-DSS v1.2\\ 
-  * Windward System Five Version 6.1 is Certified as PCI Compliant under PA-DSS v2.0\\ 
-Dependencies\\ +PCI Support Training[[https:​//​id=pci_compliance]]
-  * Datacap netepay / NetepayEMV Version 4.0 is Certified as PCI Compliant under PA-DSS v1.2\\ +
-  * Datacap netepay ​NetepayEMV Version 5.0 is Certified as PCI Compliant under PA-DSS v1.2\\ +
-  * Datacap netepay ​NetepayEMV Version 5.05.05 is Certified as PCI Compliant under PA-DSS v2.0\\ +
- +
- +
-Version for uses with integrated payment processing will require users to upgrade to Pervasive.SQL version 10 which has advanced encryption and security features.\\ +
-Version will not support pcCharge or icVerify. ​ Users will be required to switch to datacap netepay to continue processing payments with their current processor or switch to Mercury Payments. +
- +
-Notes:\\ +
-System Five does not store the following:​\\ +
-  * Track 2 information +
-  * CVV or CVV2 information +
-  * PIN or PIN block information +
- +
-System Five may store the following using AES256 encryption:​\\ +
-  * Primary Account Number (PAN) +
-  * Expiry Date +
-  * Card holder Name +
- +
-The following payment applications are out of scope to Windward System Five, which means System Five does not transmit or store card holder data. +
-  * PC EftPOS, which is also out of scope. +
-  * Global Softpay semi-integration +
-  * Desjardins FLEX semi-integration +
-  * Datacap netepayEMV+
 +How to perform a PCI Compliance Check in Windward System Five[[https://​​doku.php?​id=pci_update_info]]
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