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Using Invoice Subtypes


Need the ability to organize invoices beyond their main type (eg: W - Work Order, A - Account Receivable) or track the stages of invoice completion.

For example, if a lighting store provides contracting services then the store may provide estimates. The estimator could use a system where he considers the property “Walked” if he has managed to visit the property and make notes on the position and number of lighting fixtures for the property. Prior to visiting he can have the Estimates marked as “Unwalked”. After the property was walked he may quote the customer and change the invoice subtype to “Quoted”. If the customer accepts the quote he will proceed to change the main type to Work Order. For the Work Order the inventory manager may use a sub type of “Ordered” if he has sent the orders then “Received” if the orders have arrived and the lights are ready for an install appointment.


The following link is a video demonstration of configuring Sub Type Invoices in System Five.
Setting up invoice subtypes

The link below will show the use of the invoice subtypes.
Using invoice subtypes

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