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Pole Display Setup and Configuration

Logic Controls


Problem: 1) Logic Controls, LD9000U pole display to be setup over terminal services. Not displaying a full 20 characters properly.

Solution: 1) The device would not work at 20 character width. First I made sure the device worked a full 20 characters by testing in the Hyper Terminal application. When talking to my technical manager, and the programmer I found that the reason for the wierd behavior is because it is common for this model of pole display to emulate another pole display type and it is not something that can be re-programmed. Due to this we needed to install the OPOS drivers. We installed the OPOS drivers from the DVD and then I installed the OPOS Common Control drivers. This was done on the machine local to the pole display. When I did the setup and test I used the COM Port settings instead of USB settings. I did this so that COM Port redirection could be used to allow the device to work. Once the local machine was tested I installed Logic Controls OPOS drivers and the OPOS Common Control drivers on the terminal server. Testing worked great.

  • Link for Installing OPOS drivers:

  • Link directly to the Generic OPOS Drivers also known as the OPOS Common Control Objects:

  • Link to Logic Controls website to get the drivers for Customer Displays:

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