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Alternate Instructions for 64 bit versions of Excel (click link or see bottom of page)

Loading parts via MS Excel using ODBC

To load parts into System Five using a Microsoft Excel file (.xls) perform the following:

1. Note where your Excel .xls file is located and create an ODBC connection to that file

Click the ODBC admin button picture

Choose to create a new data source using the MS Excel Driver

Give it a Data source name, the description is optional and then select your Excel workbook

Browse for the Excel File

Once selected, perform your ODBC partload by selecting your ODBC Data source name for the Excel file. Also note that you may need to enter in the SQL statement for loading the items for sheet1

SELECT * FROM “Sheet1$” (Where sheet1$ is the name of sheet one. It may be called something else)

Loading MS Excel Multi-line Comments

When using Excel to enter a multi-line comment in an Excel cell, you can press Alt-Enter to get a new line. Then, the comment can be continued on the next line.

You need to use this ODBC load to data load a sheet with multi-line comments. A CSV multi-line comment data load will give you garbage.

You can create an amalgamation of Excel cells to create a multi-line comment cell before importing.

For example, you may have an Excel sheet with a Note1, Note2, and Note3 column. You can merge these into a 4th column before data loading by first using a formula in Excel.

If B2, C2, and D2 contained Note1, Note2, and Note3, in E2 enter this formula:

=B2 & CHAR(10) & C2 & CHAR(10) & D2

The CHAR(10) character acts a newline character, which System Five will recognize as a new line in the comment box.

Alternate Instructions for 64 bit versions of Excel

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