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Network Troubleshooting

In order for Windward Software products to function correctly in a network environment there needs to be adequate network infrastructure. By network infrastructure we mean a professionally cabled network with reliable network cards and switches. A properly configured server, DNS and TCP/IP protocol for our applications and other network services to be able to employ. If things don't work, we hope this document may give you some ideas on what to check and consider.

Best practices

  • Purchase quality network switches, hardware, use professional cabling and patch panels.
  • Buy patch cables instead of building your own. For the cost, it is not worth the dollar savings. A bad patch cable can cause many hours of trouble shooting.

Things to consider when things go wrong

  • Check the server event log for any message or hints towards what may be failing.
  • How old is the hardware? Has it ran successfully before?
  • Could the server drive be failing? Is it a single IDE drive or in a RAID configuration?
  • Are there any patches available for the server hardware? Firmware such as RAID card, network card, BIOS?
  • Could line voltage be an issue? Any large motors, compressors or welding devices nearby? You may want to consider some power conditioning.
  • Check for pending Windows updates on all workstations / servers involved. Strange things can occur when these updates have not been applied.
  • Last resort mainly due to the expertise level required and time involved is install and review information from a network analyzer.
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