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Integrity checks should only be run AFTER HOURS when users are out of the system otherwise you will see integrity reported on activity that is happening LIVE in progress and therefore incomplete.

The following article below is meant for users that are familiar with the integrity reporting feature and need more information and details on how to deal with integrity reporting.

This wiki page is a central and top level page about integrity. You will notice some different sections below. You can browse into each section and come back to the parent article fairly easily. There is a link called “Parent Article” at the top of each of the child pages that will allow you to navigate upwards until you get to this article. There are a couple breakdowns in place to help sort the information covered into relevant sections. One such breakdown can be seen in the AR Integrity errors section. This section describes the errors that show in the “AR Results” section of the integrity checks. There are some other articles like the first one entitled “Payments”. This article simply documents information about payments. This article can be useful for understanding Deposit on Work Order related issues. Please feel free to browse through the links and get familiar with the content. AR integrity errors is a great place to start.

Additionally, it is important to note that the errors and fixes listed here are only exceptions to normal behavior. We don't want them to be the norm, so if there are any scenarios we can identify that cause errors, we want to prevent them from happening in the future. If you have enough information on the exact cause of the problem we can re-create the problem and get our programming department to fix what was causing the error. We understand that it is not always easy to re-create the problem, but our support technicians can help bridge the gap and identify ways to proceed that will help us identify the problem and systematically address the causes. Please open a call with one of our support technicians to get this process started.


This article documents and describes the deposit on work order structure. It should provide some background for users that don't already understand the account side of things.

This describes a specific scenario where there were duplicate AP GL lines showing. The integrity error that is shown was not referenced, so the article has been placed here.

Please click on the AR integrity errors link above to browse to a listing of integrity errors that have been documented.

Problems associated to bank recs do not show in the integrity section, but the link above has been provided in order to reference documentation on how to deal with bank rec problems.

Please click on the AP integrity errors link above to browse to a listing of integrity errors that have been documented.

Here is a link to a trouble ticket database: Trouble Tickets

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