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Windward WebStore

Here you will find helpful tips, tricks and code examples to help unleash the features of your Windward powered online shopping cart. This area has been broken into two main areas: "Page Design" and "Administration".

Page Design will contain useful information in getting your site to look and feel as desired, expose features of Windward WebStore, code examples for features, and general information on establishing your site once the application has been installed.

Administration will contain information on how to interact with your site from an administrators point of view. Here will discuss set-up and configuration options, day to day operational abilities, and other tasks that can be accomplished via the Administrators Panel. This area has been organized into subsections reflecting the main areas of the administration panel.


:!: Please Note:

The topics covered in this section assume that inventory and all other data has been correctly established within System 5.


Code Examples




This page gives you access to modify general configuration options of the store. Here you will enter key information such as your customer service email address, shipping rules, and tax information.

Store Settings:

  • Customer Service Email Address
  • Inventory Control
  • Serial Number (required for receipt of Credit Cards)
  • Store Name
  • Insecure and Secure Urls

Shipping Table:
This is where you will define the calculate the shippings costs of an order based on order amount/weight and destination of order.

Shipping Constraints:
Shipping constraints identify the region and country combinations that constitute valid shipping locations. Visitors to your site will only be able to create an account and have product shipped to them if you define their Country/State or Province in this panel. If you do not service a particular geographic area, ensure that it is not entered here.

Tax Setup:
Tax Setup identifies the taxes to be charged on an order based on the geographic region on the shopper making the order. These work as the Tax entries defined within System 5.

Edit Tax Settings:
If you must charge tax on shipping, you will define the amount and the tax number to add that tax value to in this panel. Australian customers can turn on tax included pricing here.

Import Tax XML:
Import locally stored XML tax file from System 5.


Store Appearance...

Segments are sections of HTML, text and Windward codes that affect the appearance of specific areas of the page that is ultimately displayed to the user. Segments are not themselves complete HTML documents.

Templates are HTML documents that are displayed to visitors to your site. While templates resemble segments in that they consist of HTML, text and Windward codes, they are unlike segments in that they are complete documents. When a visitor views a given page, it is usually composed of a combination of one or more segments placed within a template.

Themes are packages of segments, settings and templates. Once you have your store looking the way that you want it to, be sure to export it as a theme and then download the file to your local hard drive. You can restore your saved theme at a later date, or install a completely new theme. Beware, though, that installing a theme completely overwrites the data that defines your current appearance, so if you've done any customization, you should be sure to do an export before experimenting with new themes.





Display Categories

Displays a listing of categories currently in your e-commerce store and their child ↔ parent relationship.

Add Category

Manually add a category to your e-commerce store.

Import XML

Import category XML as exported from System5.


Inventory Management

Add Part

Add a part to the online store. Please note that is part will NOT be reflected within System5 as it was created directly within your online store.

Edit Part

Edit a part that currently exists in your online store. You can also delete the inventory item from this screen.

Find Part

Search online store inventory for a part. The returned part(s) can then be viewed or edited.

Miscellaneous Part Settings

Here you can set the number of inventory items to display per line and the image and thumbnail dimention constraints.

Part Sort Settings

Here you will set the criteria used to sort parts when inventory lists are displayed.

Import Inventory XML

This section allows you to manually upload an inventory.xml file that has been generated by System5.

Import Images

This section will allow you to manually import images associated with inventory items.

Import Brand XML

This section will allow you to manually import brand information from a System5 generated XML file.


Invoice Management

This page allows you to access stored invoices. Invoices represent orders that have been placed by customers and contain, among other things, billing, shipping and payment information.

Edit Invoice Export Settings

This is where you will set the type for invoices coming from your E-Commerce store into System5. You can choose between a Work Order or an Estimate.

Display Invoices

This area will list all invoices within your store. One can then view individual invoices.

Import Invoice XML

More information required.



This section of the administration tool allows you to access miscellaneous settings for your site. Here you can establish such things as Coupons and Banner Ads.

Module Setup

Module Setup

This section of the administration tool allows you to configure modules for use with the e-commerce system.



Here you can see various statistics on Categories, Inventory, and Search Words. The possible viewable reports are:

  • Categories Viewed
  • Top Parts
  • Lookup Words Searched For


User Management

In this section you will be able to create, edit, update, and delete users and administrators. As well, this is where you will define all required information a user must submit when they visit your site and create an account. In addition, you'll find the methodology to import user information from System5 within this area.


Misc Uitilities

This page allows you to perform additional maintenance functions on the store.

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