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AR Reconciliation

Where to Start


  • Make sure you are in proof using the Test Proof routine
  • Correct all integrity errors. Remember, in the end the fix will almost always be to deal with one of these error messages.
  • Take a look at the GL Account activity for things like journal entries posted to AR, or other transactions that should not be posting to the controlled account (ie: Bills posting to the A/R ledger)
  • Find out when the A/R or A/P ledger starts to go out. Sometimes you will find that the initial journal entry was not correct and it was never correct.
  • Use the Accounts Recievable Sub-Ledger report to identify suppliers that are out. Caution: the old way starting balances were done didn't post to the AR clearing account so this AR account for starting balances may have to be created, and a toolbox routine need to be ran.
  • Run a Fix Balance Errors routine on the AR account to make sure it is in check
  • Go back to the first item in this list and start again, sometimes going back and doing the same thing will help you catch something you missed.

FIXME: Under Construction

Author: cmackay
Editor: arose
Last Edited: 6-Sept-2007

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