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Messages on integrity report:
- AR type invoice A is posted to Cash

Additional description:
- There is a sell to GL posting to cash clearing.

Additional Notes
We will:
* Take a behind the scenes review
* Examine the invoice
* Review potential fixes

Expanded notes
* Behind the scenes: One side posts to AR other Posts to cash clearing. This is for use with tendering and should not show here.
* Examine the invoice: We find that there is a sell to GL posting that should not be there. This doesn't acurately reflect all the elements this transaction is trying to represent.
* Potential Fixes: Proper steps would be to follow a proper RMA, and/or contra process. Please note that you should review documentation on the RMA process and/or contra invoices to find a more correct process. It may also be useful to talk about this process with your implementation coordinator or a support technician.
* For more of a quick fix you could switch the invoice to post to 2999 and then create a Journal entry to move the value from 2999 to cash clearing. This just avoids the error message, but doesn't accurately record the activity for this transaction.

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