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Upgrade vs Update

A Major Upgrade is defined as any update that includes a change of your Windward System Five version. Eg: Going from Version 5.35 to 5.42 and 5.42 to 6.1.2.x. Training Upgrade and testing prior to Live Upgrade is advisable. Current backup of Live Data set is also required.

An UPDATE is defined as a small patch of the current version Eg: to Please note that only the last 2 digits changes. Training update is still necessary and a backup.

FAQ on Major Windward System Five Upgrade

Why do I need to upgrade System Five to the latest version?

  1. To get the latest patch which usually have the fixes
  2. Techs can easily test any possible issues that are software related
  3. Programmers only work for fixes in the latest version

Who should I inform / contact if I want to set an upgrade appointment?
Contact your Account Manager at 1-800-663-5750 email to book an appointment.

What’s the process of doing System Five Upgrade?
1. It is recommended to do a Training Upgrade first to ensure that the customer will have a chance to test and play the new system in the training environment of System Five. If implemented in the live data, it must be confirmed that everything is working fine in terms of printing, reports generation and no data discrepancies etc.

2. After training data testing, Live Upgrade will follow BUT customer MUST CALL in or email support for the appointment. And this must be done after the customer confirms that all was tested and passed in the training environment of System Five.

What do I need to do before training upgrade?
Prior to the training upgrade appointment the customer must do the following:
1. Live Data must be clean from integrity errors and some reports must be printed or saved click the link for the explanation
2. After cleaning the integrity grab a copy of the Live Data Set (advisable to do this after working hours). The back up copy of the live data will be used as the training data for upgrade. The reason why a current backup of live data is required to use for the training upgrade is for report comparison, before and after the upgrade.

What do I need to do AFTER training upgrade?
Always check System Five Live and Training Icons are pointing and locked to the right directory
Once testing of upgraded training data is done and confirmed ok please call 1-800-663-5750 to book an appointment for the LIVE UPGRADE or email

What do I need to do prior to the Live upgrade Appointment?
Do a backup on Live Data and Bin folder (Better to do this after working hours, sometimes backing up takes time depends on the size of the dataset)

What to do after every UPDATE/UPGRADE
It is recommended to do sample daily transactions in Point of Sale, Bills, Checks, Purchase Orders and other modules being used in the system. These sample transactions can be deleted after the test. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that the data is okay and fully functioning after an upgrade.

  1. Open any Invoice Transaction to check if there are errors
  2. Check for any comments missing if you are using comments in your invoices
  3. Do sample print on Statements, Invoice and Slip Receipt e.g C type, A type, W Type and check actual print out
  4. For Rental Data – do a sample rental transaction in and out
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