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-====== Standard Logo: ======+====== Logos & Trademarks ====== 
 +This section explains Windward Software'​s guidelines regarding the use of our logos, corporate colors, and other trademarks. 
 +Please follow the instructions as dictated below to align with our corporate usage of our brand assets. 
 +Any use of our brand assets in broadcast, such as in the televising of film production, this must be approved and confirmed by Windward Software in writing prior to use. 
 +===== General guidelines that apply to all permitted uses of the Brand Assets: ===== 
 +  -     Avoid using Brand Assets in a way that suggests any type of association or partnership with Windward Software, or approval, sponsorship,​ or endorsement by Windward Software. 
 +  -     ​Don’t present a Brand Asset in a way that makes it the most distinctive or prominent feature on your web page, printed material, or other content (without Windward Software'​s confirmation). 
 +  -    Don’t use Windward Software’s Brand Assets in a way that is deceptive, harmful, obscene, or otherwise objectionable to Windward Software. 
 +  -     You may not present or feature the Brand Assets on websites containing content associated with pornography,​ gambling, or illegal activities. 
 +  -     You must keep sufficient space around our Brand Assets so they appear clean and uncluttered. 
 +  -     You may not combine our Brand Assets, or elements of our Brand Assets, with your own name or mark or generic terms. 
 +  -     Do not use trademarks, logos, or other content that is confusingly similar to the Brand Assets. 
 +  -     You may not attempt to get rights in the Brand Assets, or any confusingly similar approximations,​ whether by trademark registration,​ domain name registration,​ or otherwise. 
 +  -     We do not require the use of either the ® or the ™ attribution symbols with our Brand Assets. 
 +  -     All use of Brand Assets is subject to Windward Software’s terms,​policies,​ and corporate discretion. 
 +===== Standard Logo: =====
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   * Orange ​    ​FAA61B ​      ​250,​166,​27   * Orange ​    ​FAA61B ​      ​250,​166,​27
   * Blue       ​1994D2 ​      ​25,​148,​210   * Blue       ​1994D2 ​      ​25,​148,​210
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