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Logos & Trademarks

This section explains Windward Software's guidelines regarding the use of our logos, corporate colors, and other trademarks. Please follow the instructions as dictated below to align with our corporate usage of our brand assets. Any use of our brand assets in broadcast, such as in the televising of film production, this must be approved and confirmed by Windward Software in writing prior to use.

General guidelines that apply to all permitted uses of the Brand Assets:

  1. Avoid using Brand Assets in a way that suggests any type of association or partnership with Windward Software, or approval, sponsorship, or endorsement by Windward Software.
  2. Don’t present a Brand Asset in a way that makes it the most distinctive or prominent feature on your web page, printed material, or other content (without Windward Software's confirmation).
  3. Don’t use Windward Software’s Brand Assets in a way that is deceptive, harmful, obscene, or otherwise objectionable to Windward Software.
  4. You may not present or feature the Brand Assets on websites containing content associated with pornography, gambling, or illegal activities.
  5. You must keep sufficient space around our Brand Assets so they appear clean and uncluttered.
  6. You may not combine our Brand Assets, or elements of our Brand Assets, with your own name or mark or generic terms.
  7. Do not use trademarks, logos, or other content that is confusingly similar to the Brand Assets.
  8. You may not attempt to get rights in the Brand Assets, or any confusingly similar approximations, whether by trademark registration, domain name registration, or otherwise.
  9. We do not require the use of either the ® or the ™ attribution symbols with our Brand Assets.
  10. All use of Brand Assets is subject to Windward Software’s terms,policies, and corporate discretion.

For use over a dark background:

For use over a light blue or similar background:

For use over an orange or similar background:

Colour Codes

               HEX           RGB
* Purple     2F3286       47,50,134
* Orange     FAA61B       250,166,27
* Blue       1994D2       25,148,210
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