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Interesting Windows hotkeys you should know about

Below are hot/shortcut keys for System Five and Windows.

System Five Shortcut Keys: General: F1 Opens Documentation (context sensitive Help)

F2 In a date field, opens a pop-up calendar

Shift-Page up/Page down Scroll through Cust/Supp/Inv records when editing

Ctrl - Page up/Page down Scroll through tabs/pages on Cust/Supp/Inv/PO’s

Alt-L Opens Label printing menu from Cust/Supp/Inv record

Alt-V Opens the Navigator Menu for Cust/Supp/Inv record

Ctrl-F2 Begin a new Sale

Ctrl-F3 Begin a new Quick Cash sale

Ctrl-E Opens the Find Invoice window (Edit Invoice)

Ctrl-I Opens the Part Find window (Edit Inventory)

Ctrl-N Opens the Add New Part window (Add new Inventory)

Alt + letterActivates the Button, Menu or Tab containing the underlined letter. Example: Exit = press Alt-X to exit

While Creating Invoices:

F2 Opens the Customer page

F4 Opens the Items page (for adding inventory items to the invoice)

F3 Opens the Options Menu

F6/F10 Record Payment (F6 for charge sale, F10 for cash sale)

F7 Opens the Back Orders page

F8 Opens the Invoice Comment page (Add comment)

F12 Begin creating an invoice layer (Add a Layer)

Quick cash shortcut keys

Use of a macro keyboard can speed the entry of an invoice. The following keystroke shortcuts can be placed on a programmable keypad for this purpose.

Ctrl+Shift+P toggles pst on and off on current item.

Ctrl+Shift+G toggles gst on and off on current item.

Ctrl+Shift+R toggles return of current item.

Ctrl+Shift+X to log out.

Ctrl+Shift+L displays change price dialog for changing price of current item.

Other shortcut keys are available and are displayed in the System Fives menus or as a popup hint when hovering over To re-arrange the lines of an Invoice you can use the keyboard shortcut key combinations as follows:

Ctrl+C to Copy a line.

Ctrl+V to Paste a line.

Ctrl+X to Cut a line.

Pasting a record will shift the currently selected invoice line and the following lines down and insert the record. You can insert multiple times.

Windows Hotkeys:

  • Win + Pause = System Properties
  • Win + D = Show Desktop
  • Win + M = Minimize all windows
  • Win + E = Launch Win Explorer (@ My Computer),
  • Win + R = Run Command
  • Win + L = Lock the screen
  • Win + X = Open Windows Mobility Center
  • Win + T = Shift through windows list in task bar (Win7)
  • Win + P = Change display output between Computer and Projector
  • Win + B = Let you select items in task bar’s tray
  • Ctrl + Esc = Start Menu (for those who use old keyboard)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc = Show Task Manager
  • Win + Shift + M = Maximize all windows
  • Alt + Spacebar + X = Maximize window
  • Alt + Spacebar + N = Minimize window
  • Alt + Spacebar + R = Restore
  • Alt + Tab = Shift between Windows (this one is trivial but do you know that Alt + Shift + Tab = Shift between Windows in reverse order ?)
  • Ctrl+ Shift + F10 = Shows Context Menu (Mouse Right Click Effect)
  • Application Specific (generally): Ctrl + S = Save, F3/Ctrl + F = Find
  • Desktop/Win Explorer: F2 = Rename File, F3/Win + S = Launch Search
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