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Weird behaviour such as receiving of POs generating errors

If you are experiencing *weird* behaviour after updating to 5.40, this may be caused by attempting to update a dataset from pre 5.40 that contains some 5.40 data files that are already populated. (Note: Weird behaviour may include errors when trying to receive stock on a PO, errors when trying to change quantity on an invoice line or change an invoice type etc….)

If restoring from backup before running the data conversion to 5.40 (possibly because of previous errors when attempting to run the conversion), make sure that the data directory has been cleared of ALL .BTR files before copying the backup files in. If there are existing .BTR files that are new with version 5.40, they will not be replaced when copying in the backup, and the data conversion will fail to fully execute because it thinks that these new data files have already been converted.

When restoring files, do not copy the files from backup into the data directory. Restore backup files into a new directory and rename the folders. For Example, rename the old “Data” folder to “DataX” then you can rename the restored folder to “Data”.
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