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UPS Worldship Setup

Connect to the Windward FTP site and download the file called upsexport.xsl. This file can be found in the location

This file will need to be placed in your Windward data directory which you can find by going to Help and About at the top menup of your Windward Software. You will see the following entry for the Directories:

Data Directory: c:\Windward\System5\Data\

Follow the steps here if you need more assistance finding your data directory.

Perform the following setps to generate the WorldShip.csv :

1) Copy the upsexport.xsl into the data directory.
2) When you are in the Invoice go to Options → Invoice Options → Send to UPS to generate the UPS information. No progress will be shown.
3) A file named UPSShip.csv will be created in the data directory. Please contact UPS Worldship support for the steps required to import that UPSShip.csv file into the Worldship software.

Additional Points Including UPS setup info

  • UPS World ship setup requires that the UPSShip.csv file with a header line, already be in the company directory (Not the _datafiles directory)
  • There was an incident in and fixed in that affected the UPS shipping functionality. This incident was that the wrong folders were being looked at. Once fixed the UPSShip.csv would work correctly in the company directory (the directory directly above _datafiles)
  • In my testing the export did not work with W type invoices. I had to use a completed invoice type of A. I didn't test with C type invoices or T type invoices
  • I tested the UPS Export without the UPSExport.xsl file from existing in the company directory or _datafiles directory and it still worked. I added an _ to the extension of the xsl file
  • I have assumed that the UPS xsl transformation that happens within System Five is the same as the XSL sheet that I reviewed. If that is the case then there is some logic to use the shipping contacts address or the shipping address, and then fail back on the customers address. (Just a quick check, I didn't verify the exact sections used).
  • There is a format for the header of the UPSShip.csv file. Please see the UPSShip.csv Format section further on in the document.


  • If you do not choose an A type or a C type invoice nothing will Pop up when you hit the send to UPS button.
  • If you choose to click on the send to UPS on a C type or an A type invoice you will get a popup dialogue asking you if you want to send this order to UPS Worldship. You can choose Replace, Append, or Cancel.
  • If you choose replace, all but the first line of the UPSShip.csv file will be erased and new line(s) for this order will be added to the file.
  • If you choose append, all of the existing lines will be kept in the UPSShip.csv file and new line(s) will be added.
  • If you choose cancel, the operation will be aborted and no changes will be made to the UPSShip.csv File

UPSShip.csv Format

It is probably easiest to just copy and past the following text into a csv file via a text editor.


Troubleshooting Questions and More Information Needed

  • When we get this implementation going for the current customer we are working on, we need to identify the supported fields and requirements of the UPS Ship integration. We need this documented so that we know if the requirements change. It is probably way better than making the programmers look at the code and figure it out.
  • In the end the Fedex integration was cancelled because Fedex required us to have a US address to even test the integration. The project did not happen and integration with fedex was never completed. If I can quickly figure out a way to use the UPSShip xsl file to patch things together, I will do that.
  • There is another option where a third party option called UPSShipRush can be installed, but it is only available to US customers. here is the link

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