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 == Steve Wind Sept 29 2010 == == Steve Wind Sept 29 2010 ==
-====== 2012 Revisions ====== 
-The following is a little revision to help in the use of setting up the Ingenico as there has been some recent problems getting it set up. Mainly we need to be sure that the correct drivers are installed, the older 2.5.0 drivers do not even come with form8, which is needed in the current version as of today 6.0.60.x. These can be found here: ftp://​​pub/​special/​ingenico_s5_latest.7z 
-Inside the install directory of this is the batch file install(Run As Administrator) this will install the com objects, the form designer and the setup tools. 
-If this is over terminal services and running serial, make sure that you have the correct port forwarded. Test out loading a form through the designer, i.e. Open one of the forms in the ingenico_s5\i6550\forms directory, and try loading it into the pad. If it doesn'​t load onto the pad, double check the settings. Make sure baud rate is correct, com port is correct etc. If you can confirm this in the ingenico setup, then you will need to go into the setup of the pinpad itself. 
-Hold [1] [Cancel] & [Enter] together on the pin pad then hold [1] [3] [Enter] until the menu opens. Go to the Supervisor Menu, password 2634. Go to Setup Ports and check that Port 1 and Port 3 is set up correctly. If this is a serial, we need to make sure that one of these hasn't accidentally been set to Ethernet. If both of these are RS232 for serial (If this is a serial connection) and booting up the pin pad throws up a port error, we can try setting the Host Port to Com 1, which can be found in the same Setup Port menu. When you boot up, after initializing,​ it should come up saying something like HostPort:​RS232. This means the pad should be good to go. Try loading in the forms from the Form Designer, if it loads, then the pad should be set up correctly. Try this on term serv too, if the form doesn'​t go across on Term Serv, make sure that the correct ports are forwarded, open up CMD and search for this by typing ​    ​CHANGE PORT /​QUERY ​    then hitting enter. This should show a list of ports being forwarded. Make sure the settings are the same as in the local machine setup and you should be good to go. 
-== Leslie Cordell May 02 2012 == 
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