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Installing the Ingenico 6550 / 6780

If you have not already done so, follow the set up instructions in the following link:

To setup the , you need to download the following file from Windward's FTP site

Troubleshooting the Ingenico 6550 / 6780

error: pinpad opos_not claimed 103

This error occurred when we tried to load the forms during the set up in the setup wizard. Customer had moved computer while it was up and running and the power supply was inadvertently unplugged from the serial port adapter, which appeared to have blown the serial port. So we were not able to connect the device serially to the computer. We then attempted to connect through TCPIP. After following the instructions on “Using Under Terminal Services” in the Ingenico6xxx.chm file (Windows help file located in the installation folder c:\ingenico_s5), we were still unable to get the pinpad to work. We continued to get the “pinpad opos_not claimed 103” error every time we tried to send the forms to it.

Solving The Issue

The first thing to check is that the Local IP Port in the device is set correctly. It should be set to 8001. If you set up more than one of these pin pads at a location each pinpad should have a different number, so pinpad 2 could be 8002, pinpad 3 could be 8003 etc. Also be aware that within the Setup Wizard, in the pinpad setup, the Port Number must match that number you set in the pinpad. Also if the pinpad has been previously set up as a serial or USB connection, you may need to delete the SignatureCapture key in the registry. To do this, go to the start button, and select run, then type regedit, and hit enter. now browse to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OLEforRetail\ServiceOPOS. Click on SignatureCapture. then right click on it and select Delete from the drop down. Now reinstall the Ingenico software, and make the necessary changes for the connection type. This should allow you to update the forms from the setup wizard now.

Steve Wind Sept 29 2010


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