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 ====== System Five Web API Service Installation and Updating ====== ====== System Five Web API Service Installation and Updating ======
-This document is deprecated; please see the document on Google ​Drive:+This document is deprecated; please see the document on Microsoft One Drive:
 +The link above is the document ​outlined by John Ray for WebAPI Setup & Configuration along with the troubleshooting steps for “Common Issues” at the bottom part. 
 +This additional note highlights the entire procedure + extra points. 
 +<note important>​Correction to what was originally stated, WebAPI files (.INI. EXE &. BAT) files must all be on the same version as SystemFive.exe.<​/note> 
 +  - Separate directory ​folder for the Training WebAPI 
 +<​note>​This is to avoid getting it over-written during CopyOver or regular Training upgrades. It is imperative that the training webapi environment is left alone while the customer'​s programmer is doing his test.</note> 
 +  ​Create a New DSN Database and enable via “Pervasive.SQL Database”. 
 +<​note>​They might already be using DSN Database for other Windward Modules, so do take the time to double-check. The point here is that you need to have a "​valid"​ DSN Database for WebAPI. And although "​Pervasive.SQL DSN-less Connection is known to work, it is suggested to use "​Pervasive.SQL Database"​ for stability.<​/note> 
 +  - Enable the “Use Record-State Tracking” via Setup Wizard / Miscellaneous menu 
 +<​note>​Enabling this feature will load a bit, depending on the size of the dataset.</​note>​ 
 +  - “S5WebAPIService” service must be or ideal to be restarted every day. 
 +<​note>​The restart can be done via Windows Task Scheduler, the steps is provided on the setup document above. Also the restart needs to happen during off hours, after midnight.</​note>​ 
 +  - WebAPI ports: plan ahead and request both live & training ports to be open by the IT Guy. 
 +<​note>​This will save us a lot of time and potential problems.</​note>​
-If you need to edit that document you can find the source here: 
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