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Main Page Title

Introduction, brief summary of problem.

Detailed Problem Explanation

Explaining the problem in great detail.

Alternate explanation 1

Text goes here.

Alternate explanation 2

Text goes here.

Detailed Problem Solution

Lots of text goes here, natch.

Video if applicable

Add a video link here is the conditions warrant it.

Caveats or special gotchas

Text goes here.

Other related topics
Other related links

Some other comments unrelated to the template:

Doku wiki allows you to create your own icons, like FIXME, which can be very handy when making pages. Like any good Windward for Dummies book you could have icons for things like IMPORTANT or NOTE or DONTFORGET. For details, see this page

Some of the special icons for Windward include SYSTEM5 SPEEDYPOS SPEEDYPLUS SPECIAL CLEANUP REVIEW

I also suggest having a look at this plugin. This gives fast and easy ways to create standardized navigation references for the reader.

I use the boxes plugin on my wiki, you can see a customized version at the bottom of this page.

a box!

the box contents
[] is the good link, can't trust google.
this is a plain note (< note >< /note >)
this is an important note (< note important >< /note >)
this is a warning note (< note warning>< /note >)
this is a tip note (< note tip >< /note >)

Hope that provides fuel for thought.

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