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 +====Sub Type Entry - US====
 +===IDAT Identifier: Income (Federal)===
 +|VACPAY|Vacation Pay|Yes|
 +|SUPP|Supplemental Wages|Yes|
 +|NONRES|Non Resident Wages|Yes|
 +|EXPENS|Expense Reimbursement|Yes|
 +|ADVANC|Employee Advance|Yes|
 +|HOL|Holiday Pay|Yes|
 +|BONUS|Bonus Income|Yes|
 +|BENEFI|Taxable Benefit|Yes|
 +===IDAT Identifier: Deduction (Federal)===
 +|BENOFF|Taxable Benefit Offset|Yes|
 +|PRETAX|Pre-tax Deduction|Yes|
 +|AFTAX|After Tax Deduction|Yes|
 +===IDAT Identifier: Accumulator (Federal)===
 +|DOLLAR|Dollars Accumulated|Yes|
 +|DAYS|Days Accumulated|Yes|
 +|HOURS|Hours Accumulated|Yes|
 +===IDAT Identifier: Tax (Federal)===
 +|FTAX|Federal Income Tax|Yes|
 +|SS|Social Security|Yes|
 +|FUTA|Federal Unemployment Tax|Yes|
 +|SUTA|State Unemployment Tax|Yes|
 +|STAX|State Income Tax|Yes|
 +|CTAX|City Income Tax|Yes|
 +===IDAT Identifier: Tax (New York)===
 +|YTAX|Yonkers tax|Yes|
 +===IDAT Identifier: Tax (Washington)===
 +|LNI|Labor and Industries|Yes|
 +|PFML|WA Paid Family and Medical Leave|Yes|
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