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Store and Forward Off-Line Processing

Store and Forward allows datacap netepay or the Moneris POSPAD to accept transactions off line for later processing.
This allows you to continue collecting payments when your connection to the processor is interrupted.

Available Soon.
Transactions are NOT authorized until later!
The merchant will be responsible for transactions that are not approved. You are likely to loose some money.
Windward Software nor your processor takes any liability for transactions that fail or decline. There is also the possibility of loosing your whole batch if your datacap netepay server or database crashes.

The merchant and processor can set the maximum number of transactions and maximum transaction dollar amount for offline transactions. Transactions that have a phone auth number will bypass the limits.

Store and Forward is available for the following processors

Please note there is an extra charge for the store and forward feature.
  • Vantiv IP EMV using L5300, iSC250 MPH 5.07.20 only (not available on the VX805 until Vx805 EMV Debit is available)
  • Moneris using POSPad iPP320

To enable store and forward transactions

  1. Your datacap netepay deployment ID must be updated to allow Store and Forward. The maximum number of transactions and maximum net dollar amount must be set.
  2. In the payment processing setup, in the Store and Forward tab, set the Maximum number of transactions and Maximum Dollar amount.
  3. When processing a transaction there is a new option in the credit card screen “Store and Forward - On-Line. Toggle this so you are now Off-Line. Now all transactions will be processed Off-Line.
  4. For Moneris POSPad the options are On-Line or Automatic. Processing transactions on Automatic significantly slows down the processing so we recommend that you leave it On-Line until you know that it is off line.
  5. Once your processor connection has been established, toggle the Store and Forward to On-Line.
  6. In the POS transaction report,before closing the batch, select the Store and Forward tab and process transactions. This will give you a report of the number of transactions that were approved, declined, errors and partial authorizations. There is no method of determining which transaction approved except through the Vantiv IP online reporting.
  7. There is a password that can be set to set to Offline or Automatic mode. This is to prevent abuse or accidental usage.
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