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 +There could be instances wherein a customer would like to be able to generate a Customer Report with their 'Ship To Addresses'​. We currently do not have this option from our '​Design Customer/​Supplier Report'​ however, we could still extract the report by running an SQL query.
 +Note: The customer must be very knowledgeable about SQL databases and we must also have our programmers'​ or GLs' consent to do this.
 +**SELECT c.RecordNo, a.Name, c.Comment FROM Comment c INNER JOIN Account a ON AUnique=RecordNo WHERE FileNo=99 ORDER BY c.RecordNo, c.LineNo;**
 +FileNo 99 is where the Ship To Addresses are stored. After running this query, the '​Comment'​ column should show the customers'​ Ship To Addresses. ​
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