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Initial Setup for Clients

Receipt Printer settings

Receipt printing is not controlled by the POS Device Manager.

Open System Five - Setup Tools - Printing Options - Printer setup Select your receipt Printer in the Left hand window, and in the right hand window, only select slip printer. Leave all other check boxes blank.

Cutting of receipts is also controlled from the Windows printer driver. It is also recommended that you do not use the Generic Text Driver in Windows. Use the correct driver for your printer to ensure that the cutter and cash drawer settings are correct for your specific printer.

There is an issue with the STAR TSP100 receipt printer that causes the printing to be very light.We were able to work around this by creating a virtual COM port from within the Star printer driver, and couple this to a Generic Text printer driver. System 5 was then set to print receipts to the Generic Text printer, which passed that through to the Star driver. Note that the Star driver cannot be replaced by the Generic Text driver. This resolved the issue with the light printing, but since the Generic Text driver is now being used, the printer no longer cuts the paper.

Cash Drawer

Cash Drawers are not controlled by the System Five Slip Printer settings within System Five. They are controlled by the POS Device Manager, and by the Windows driver on the local workstation. Again, please ensure that you are using the correct driver for your printer model, and not the Generic Text Driver, as you will need to make sure the cut codes and cash drawer settings are set in the driver.

Emailing Invoices and Statements

Emailing is currently not supported from within the SaaS environment, but programming is currently looking into offering it in the future.

Setting up VX805 Pin Pads (EMPLOYEE ONLY)

Copying Files to and from a SaaS or PaaS server

  • WARNING: Test to see that you can open the documents you attach to customer records. Many file formats like most MS Office files can not be opened (as of 2016-06-14)
    • 2016-06-14(cm): pdf, and jpg are supported extensions

Created by Steve Wind April 28 2016


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