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Windward System Five on Cloud Supported Peripheral Hardware List


The following is a list of hardware that is currently supported by Windward System Five on Cloud.
Most will require setup of the RDP Virtual Channel and the Remote POS Device Manager on the local workstation.

If you have an “on-premise” installation of Windward System Five on your own server, please refer to the Supported Peripheral Hardware List.

Windward Software will no longer support any devices that have reached the manufacturer's end of life, or are no longer available from the manufacturer. This document is subject to review and may be revised at any time. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Supported Peripheral Hardware List

Slip PrintersBixolonSRP-350
Label PrintersZebraTLP-2824 (2 inch Print Head)The TLP2824 has been replaced by the TLP2824 Plus. Printer has been tested using System Five Label Designer, but code based label printing has not yet been tested
ZebraTLP-2844 (4 inch Print Head)Service & Support Discontinuation Date: October 31, 2015 However it is still included in Zebra's Microsoft Windows Certified driver package. Printer has been tested using System Five Label Designer, but code based label printing has not yet been tested
TECB-SX4TCode-based labels have been tested to work in the Cloud for as long as it's using the native driver and NOT the Easy Print Driver
Barcode ScannersDatalogic QuickScan (2D) QD24XX, QM24XX, QBT24XX (Wireless)
Supports drivers license using COM Port emulation
Metrologic \ Honeywell \ UnitechEclipse MS5145
POS-XEVO (2D) supports drivers license using USB_HID Mode
Honeywell 1452g
Metrologic \ Honeywell \ UnitechOrbit 7120
PIN Pads For information concerning PIN pads and Credit Card processing, please refer to the Subject Master Document, found here --- MORE INFO ---
VeriFoneVx805for US EMV.
Equinox L5300
VeriFoneVx820for Canadian EMV.
IngenicoiPP320Supported with Moneris Payment Processor.
Signature CapturesTopazT-LBK460-BSB-R
Data Collectors trohestar NS-3309T

An alternate solution for Physical inventory Counts would be to use existing barcode scanners to create scan batches. Information on how to do this can be found here: **
Pole Display|Logic ControlsPD3000

Known Hardware Issues

Dymo Label printers are not supported on System Five on Cloud since Dymo have confirmed that these devices are not recommended for cloud solutions.
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