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 ===== Exploring Alternatives ===== ===== Exploring Alternatives =====
-You may be thinking that there are other options.+You may be thinking that there are other options. What about those handheld data collectors? What about Windows CE portables? and so on. These can be great ideas if you have the expertise and resources to pursue them.  
 +  * What about developing an application for a Handheld data collector, that allows me to load my price list to it, and update it periodically?​ This is not a Windward application,​ and you would have to develop this or pay someone to do it.  
 +  * Maybe you could do something on a portable device with Windows CE. Windward doesn'​t run on this. You could access the internet, or load an excel sheet you could lookup parts on.  
 +  * My preferred alternative is to create a Windward WeCommerce website. Then you can access your website from any device that can browse the web. You could then search for any product in your system using the web functionality
 +These alternatives require various amounts of work, and each have their limitations. They are here to recognize that there are other methods out there if you are willing to put the time, energy, and money into them. 
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