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 +====== Overview ======
 +This page is for the set up and use of production invoices in System Five. 
 +===== Licensing =====
 +This function is a paid module. The customer must be issued new licence codes with the relevant option enabled.
 +<​code>​53| ​  ​Production Invoices ​       |Y</​code>​
 +When the licence file is installed and System Five restarted, the new options appears in Setup Wizard | Special Modules | Production Invoice Settings
 +===== Setup Wizard =====
 +Setup Wizard | Special Modules | Production Invoice Settings. Here you can specify the Sub Types of each of the four production invoice types. ​
 +Before making any decision on the sub types to use, check the sub type set up in the Invoice Setup area to find out what has already been used.
 +A standard set of sub type to use would be
 +  * C == Completed <- This is when the work order goes to a completed state
 +  * M == Main Invoice <- This is the invoice the customer receives
 +  * P == Production <- This is the beginning of the work order
 +  * T == Template <- This is used to create a number of identical work orders
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