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 If you have anything to add to this document, please go ahead If you have anything to add to this document, please go ahead
-Leslie Cordell 2012/08/09+====== Slowness With DSN With Stand Alone====== 
 +Some problems may occur with Stand Alone in case of a network failure. In this instance we may have many SAT entries in the registry, now System Five will be checking each one of these SAT entries until it comes to its most recent entry, which will be a loop back. Now say there'​s a 15 second timeout on each entry as it tried to connect... This can cause problems. In this case we need either wwTweakTool or to remove the SAT entries manually. Follow the steps listed in the info following the previous section. Once the SAT entries are clear, check them in the registry. I.e. Open a command prompt or go to run, and type REGEDIT. Then search HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\Software\Pervasive Software\Communications\Settings. ​  We should now have max sat entries set to 0 and no SAT entries. Now run a pervasive analyser test. Go to the start menu, look for Pervasive and then look for Pervasive Analyser in the utilities directory. Test this on the local machine, which will be, the loop back. Then you will need to test it for its own DSN. So for instance, if we set up a DSN in Pervasive called Standalone, locally, then we would test the DSN on the loop back of, for the DSN Standalone. 
 +Once this has been done, check the SAT entries in the registry again, we should have only one entry, which will be for, which is the machine we're on. Now start System Five again, and try to add and item to a new invoice, you should notice that the speed is much faster. Now remember, always use your basic troubleshooting skills, if you're not sure how to set up a DSN do a wiki search, if you're not sure what a loop back is, do a google search. Remember you have amazing technical support skills, use them :) 
 +Leslie Cordell 2012/​08/​09 ​//Updated last 2012/08/15 // 
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