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 ===== verifone Vx820 Contactless===== ===== verifone Vx820 Contactless=====
-  * This device ​may be available, please ​contact us.+  * This device ​is now available ​the Chase Paymentech. 
 +  * EMV Contact and Contactless supported for the following card brands 
 +     * Visa 
 +     * Mastercard 
 +     * Amex 
 +     * Interac 
 +     * JCB 
 +  * Requires  
 +     * Vx820 XPI 12.08.16 
 +     * Netepay 5.06.10 
 +     * DSIEMVClientX® 1.27 
 +     * SystemFive version or higher to support manual entry with CVV  
 +<note warning>​The Canadian VX810/820 pinpads are **RS-232 Serial only**. You need a 9 PIN RS-232 Serial port on the back of your computer. **USB-Serial converters DO NOT WORK. I repeatthey DO NOT WORK**. They are also expensive for ones that may work. If you do not have a serial card, you can have one installed. The Edge USB-Serial converter is the only known one that works, but please ​don't waist your money and time on it when a serial port card can be installed for a third of the cost.</​note>​
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 {{faq:​payment_processing_setup:​vx810.jpg|}} {{faq:​payment_processing_setup:​vx810.jpg|}}
 +<note important>​This version will no longer support manual entries of card numbers as Chase now requires the CVV number</​note>​
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