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 ===== Global Payments Canada Semi-integrated Solution ===== ===== Global Payments Canada Semi-integrated Solution =====
-Version supports a Semi-integrated solution using the [[http://​​doku.php?​id=faq:​vx570_payment_terminal|Verifone Vx570 Payment Terminal]]. This solution ​uses a Serial port to perform limited sales transactions using the payment terminal+**The verifone vx810 or vx820 Duet pin pads used in this solution ​are being discontinued by the manufacturer**\\  
 +**No alternative device is available.**
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   * [[paymentech_pinpads|Supported Canadian Paymentech PINPads]]   * [[paymentech_pinpads|Supported Canadian Paymentech PINPads]]
   * [[faq:​global_canada_semi_integrated|Supported Global Payment Terminals]]   * [[faq:​global_canada_semi_integrated|Supported Global Payment Terminals]]
-  * [[desjardins_flex_i5300|Desjarding Semi-Integrated PINPads]] 
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