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 ===== Payment Processing Options - Australia ===== ===== Payment Processing Options - Australia =====
 +Payment processing options in Australia are out of scope solutions which means System Five does not transmit or store card holder data.
 ==== pc Eftpos ==== ==== pc Eftpos ====
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 [[http://​​index.php]] [[http://​​index.php]]
-==== Quest eftpos ​LEGACY ​====+==== LEGACY ​Quest eftpos ====
 [[http://​​Products/​EftposPlus.html]] [[http://​​Products/​EftposPlus.html]]
 <​note>​Legacy support only.  Check with sales person if needed.</​note>​ <​note>​Legacy support only.  Check with sales person if needed.</​note>​
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