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Why do I want to have a separate debit PINpad and credit card swipe

This is legacy information.

Windward software recommends that you have a separate debit PINpad device along with a credit card stripe reader(MSR) for debit and credit card processing.

Although it is possible to swipe a credit card on a debit PINpad. The second track of information containing the customer name from the card will not be available to System Five. The following are reasons we recommend purchasing a separate MSR for your credit card processing.

  1. Fraud protection - when swiped, the customers information will populate on the screen in front of the clerk. They will then be able to visually match this name with the name on the card.
  2. Easy collection of customer information. Many states and provinces have drivers licenses that have a magnetic stripe on the back. If you start a loyalty program or want to simply collect contact information from clients. You can use the card swipe to swipe a drivers' license to create a customer with their contact info, greatly reducing customer wait time.
  3. Replacement value off a swipe machine is much less than an encrypted debit PINpad. A credit card swipe (MSR) is $50, a debit pinpad $650.00. Both machines have limited lifespan as far as the number of swipes they can read before they need to be replaced. It would be much more economical to have a percentage of the swipes on a cheap, $50 machine so you can preserve the life of your more expensive debit PINpads.
  4. Reconciliation of end of day reports are easier with the additional customer information collected using a credit card swipe.
Technical Reason: Customer name information does not get passed from the second track of the PINpad.
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