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Payment Processing - Switching Processors

Considerations when switching payment processors

Ensure that you are quoted the qualified and unqualified rates. Many of our customers are business to business, mail order, or ecommerce and not all transactions are qualified for the lowest rate. Some processors do not support AVS, CVV, purchase cards which will make some of your larger transactions unqualified.

Not all processors will support dial backup, stand-in processing, or offer much in the way of support.

Changing to / from Mercury or Sterling Payments

  1. PIN Pads will have to be re-encrypted or you will have to purchase new ones.
  • To re-encrypt you will need to send a few away at a time so you are not without.
  • If you only have a few PIN pads, consider purchasing new ones as your old ones may be nearing their life span.

Changing from / to a processor other than Mercury or Sterling Payments

  1. If you have to change back end processors you may have to re-purchase datacap netepay.
  2. PIN Pads will have to be re-encrypted or you will have to purchase new ones.
  • To re-encrypt you will need to send a few away at a time so you are not without.
  • If you only have a few PIN pads, consider purchasing new ones as your old ones may be nearing their life span.
  1. If you are switching to a Terminal based system (eg Heartland, RBS-World Pay, FDMS-Cardnet) you will have to close your batches MANUALLY each and every day.
  2. If you are switching from / to a processor other than Mercury or Sterling, you will need to install the new datacap netepay ON A DIFFERENT COMPUTER than your current datacap netepay. This will allow you to be live on one system while you get the new one configured.
    • If you don't have another computer to install datacap netepay on, you will have to:
      • Close your batch manually.
      • Backup datacap netepay data files and program files.
      • Un-install datacap netepay completely, including deleting data files.
      • Install a new copy of datacap netepay.
      • Failure to do this properly may cause the batches not to close and a probable loss of money!
      • Consider asking Windward to setup the server on their computer first to ensure that you have all the correct parameters.
  3. Different merchant numbers based on Department or Terminal are not supported except for Mercury and Sterling Payments.
    • You may be able to install multiple licenses of datacap netepay on different computers and use a HOST file to change the IP address for each terminal.
  4. If you have multiple locations and/or multiple merchant numbers you need to purchase a datacap netepay server for each Merchant number. You will also require a separate computer to run each datacap netepay server on.

Cancellation Contracts

Please check your current contract to ensure there is no cancellation contract.
Mercury has one of the most lenient contracts in the industry when it comes to cancellation. Their standard contract may be terminated with no fee, if the merchant provides written notice 30 days prior to cancellation.
The cancellation information is stated in paragraph 13 of Terms and Conditions. The cancellation fee is easily avoidable in most situations. But there are some scenarios that can cause problems for merchants.

  1. Change of ownership. Contracts are not transferable, and a change in ownership does not automatically cancel a merchant agreement. If the new owner does not process with Mercury, and the account is closed, the previous owner will be charged the cancellation fee. Prior owners should submit written notice of their intent to cancel, in advance of the sale of the business.
  2. Business closures. When a business is closing, merchants may be busy holding sales, reducing inventory and other closure tasks. They may not give thought to cancelling their payment processing. But failure to notify Mercury in advance will result in a cancellation fee.
  3. Testing another processor. If a merchant is interested in trying another processor, they may be given a trial period by said processor. If two processors are being used simultaneously, the processing volume will drop drastically, which is a contract violation (paragraph 1 in Terms and Conditions) and may result in a cancellation fee.

Important Questions to ask your Processor

Can I have it in writing?

  • Whether it’s your promised rates, services,additional fees, or contract terms, make a verbal quote or explanation looks much different on paper when you receive your first statement.
  • Ask specifically for the differences in Qualified, Mid-qualified, and Non-qualified rates as well as per-transaction or authorization fees.

What are the additional costs?

Payment Processor Fees

  • Application or start-up fees
  • Technical support
  • Gateway fees
  • Gift card processing
  • Online reporting

Added Dealer Fees (check with your dealer)

  • Additional software
  • Additional middleware
  • Technical support

What kind of support do you provide?

If I am unable to process transactions on a weekend or a holiday, will there be someone knowledgeable to help me?

  • Will I be charged for technical support?

If I receive transaction error messages will you be able to help me fix the problem, or will I have to rely on my dealer?

  • When I call with a problem, will I talk to a live person, or an automated menu of options?
  • If my batches are not being closed properly, or consistently, will I be notified and paid promptly?

Do you provide any other free, value added services?

Real-time transaction reporting

  • Online daily deposit details
  • Authorization outage protection
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance
  • Customizable merchant portal

Do you provide any reliability features to ensure I can always process?

  • Do you automatically authorize and back transactions in the event of an authorization network outage?
  • Do you have redundant servers in different networks to help prevent authorization network outages?
  • Do you have back up solutions so that I can continue to process if my internet connection fails?
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