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Password Recovery Procedures

System Five version 6 with the inclusion of Payment Card Industry (PCI) protection standards requires the use of more complex passwords that expire after a period of time.

In the event the password is lost then there are some processes to follow for recovery.

Windward Support Techs

Instructions for processing the recovery token are found at the following link:

Processing Password Recovery Tokens for Windward Support Techs (Requires employee login)

System Five Users - Generating the Password Recovery Token

The link below contains a video demonstration that will show the Setup Wizard options as well as the procedure to send a password reset token to the Windward Support Desk:

System Five Administrator password Reset

For a walk through explaination please continue with this document.

Any user of System Five that is flagged as an admin will need their password reset by contacting Windward Support. The Allow password recovery to be sent to support needs to be turned on in the Setup Wizard. It is recommended to turn on the other settings as well to facilitate easier recovery of clerk passwords. Due to PCI Regulations, Windward Software Inc. cannot turn these settings on by default. Figure 1 shows the Password recovery settings screen from the Setup Wizard.

Figure 1 - Password recovery setting to send password to support

If an invalid password is entered during login then the password reset option will appear as shown in Figure 2. If the password reset option is selected then the Password Reset window will open as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 2 - Password recovery option on the login screen

Figure 3 - System generated password recovery token

After the password token as been generated then it may be copied to the clipboard then pasted into an email. If your email client is configured in Windows then the email button will open your email client and attach the token. The email token can also be printed out in a hardcopy format using the print button which can be faxed to Windward Software if the other methods cannot be completed.

If the email button does not start your email client then you can copy the token to the clipboard and paste into your preferred email client.

Figure 4 - Email password token to

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