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Minimum Recommended Internet Speed for System Five on Cloud


Virtually any high speed Internet provider (ADSL or Cable) should be sufficient for System Five on Cloud. However, if you are planning on connecting several computers to your Internet connection, and utilizing them all at the same time, we recommend you invest in a high speed Business connection.

The most important factor is the latency of the connection between the originating workstation and the hosting server (not necessarily the speed of the Internet connection).

To better understand this, Network or Internet latency is described as how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one point to another. Latency can be measured by sending and receiving a packet of data. The length of time it takes for that packet to be sent to another location and received back to the originating location is the latency. You want that number to be as small as possible. You want the latency of the connection to be as close to zero as possible.

For System Five on Cloud we recommend that the latency be under 150 ms. can be used to perform some tests. We use the West US data center currently.

Created by Steve Wind March 28 2017
Modified by David Cartwright January 07 2019

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