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Out Of Support Legacy Devices

The following list of hardware is no longer supported by Windward Software. All items are no longer being manufactured, and are out of support by their manufacturer. This list of hardware is only being maintained to support and troubleshoot existing installations. Please note that this document is subject to review and will be revised on a regular basis.
Data Collectors HoneywellOptimus S SP5500
CipherLab 8200
Unitech HT-630 Data Collector - Nearing end of life. - Has intermittent issues with Windows 10
Label PrintersTSCTTP-245 Plus
Barcode ScannersMetrologic \ HoneywellMS-9520
PIN Pads For information concerning PIN pads and Credit Card processing, please refer to the Subject Master Document, found here
EquinoxL5200Not currently supported by System Five, but now on the datacap's supported list for EMV.
EquinoxL5300Non-EMV - no longer supported. EMV - Could be supported, but not at this time
Ingenico3070Not supported
IngenicoiPP320Currently not supported (NEW)
IngenicoiSC480Currently not supported (NEW)
Ingenicoi6xxx seriesNo longer supported
VeriFone2000No longer supported
VeriFoneEverestNo longer supported
VeriFoneMx915Not Supported for EMV
VeriFoneSE1000Not Supported for EMV
VeriFoneSC5000No longer supported
VeriFoneSC550No longer supported
Touch Screen Monitorselo1525.jpg ELOEntuitive 1525
ELOEntuitive 1527L
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