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 +====== Non Stock Inventory Items Posting a Non Zero Next Cost. ======
 +A non stock inventory item (a part in an I type category) is posting a Non Zero next cost.
 +No sales or receivings should be performed against the inventory item being adjusted until the corrective steps have been completed.
 +**Solution:​** ​
 +  - Open the inventory record for the item in question
 +  - Change the category number of the item to a Normal stock control category number (This is an N type category)
 +  - Click OK to save this change.
 +  - Open the inventory record for the part again
 +  - Go to the Cost and stock levels tab
 +  - Add a manual adjustment for 1 quantity at zero landed cost.
 +  - Change the category number back to the original non stock category number.
 +The part will now post with a zero landed cost on any subsequent sales.
 +Author: arose\\
 +Editor: arose\\
 +Last Edited: 15-May-2008
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