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New netepay EMV server

Note: NetepayEMV is used in Canada with the Vx810 pinpad for Chip and PIN Transactions.

dsiEMVClientX version 1.26 has been released for use with the VX820 and contactless. 1.26 can be used in place of 1.20. If a customer is currently running dsiEMVClientX version 1.09 they need to upgrade their netepay 5 server at the same time in order to use dsiEMVClientX and the Vx820

Datacap NetEpay has released a new NetEpayEMV version which is 5.05.06. Now this version will not work with the old version of DSIEMVClient anymore (version 1.09) and will only work on DSIEMVClient v1.20 or v1.26

NetEpay EMV Server in the left and DSIEMVClient on the right.


Mercury Canada will soon be shipping the Vx820 as the Vx810 is out of production, but lots are around. The Vx820 is compatible with the Vx810. The Vx820 has a contactless reader, *but contactless does not work with Mercury EMV (yet).

What version do you install?

This depends on the deployment ID created by Mercury, which will be in the dealer notification sent by datacap, or you check the VAR Sheet / Installation sheet for the correct version. But if the purchase was made starting September 1, 2014 then it is very likely that they will be on the latest version of NetEpayEMV Server (v5.05.06)

example below.

  • MRH version 5.05.06 – install datacap netepay server 5.05.06 and dsiEMVClientX.ocx version 1.26
  • MRH version 5.05.05 - install datacap netepay server 5.05.05 and dsiEMVClientX.ocx version 1.09

REMEMBER: The old and the new will NOT talk to each other, so if you are getting any form of communication problems do check the version of NetEpay Server version vs. the DSIEMVClient installed.

Update received from Craig…..

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