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This is an odd issue that neither myself, nor a Motorolla tech could find a solution to. It affects the LS4278 barcode scanner (STB4278-C007WR),and the issue was that it keeps tacking a zero onto the end of every barcode the customer scans. The unit was left unused for several months and this behavior began as soon as they tried to use it again. We had already reset the scanner to default setting, and tested with no change in behavior. We then tried re-programming the Prefix-Data-Suffix, so that we get the Ctrl-B and a carriage return at the end and same issue. Still tacks on a zero at the end of the barcode. As an example, the barcode 123456789 is being sent to the computer as 1234567890. In this case the customer's barcodes are all 9 digits.

Detailed Problem Solution

As mentioned, even Motorolla did not have a solution to the issue, but we came up with a workaround. Because all the barcodes were exactly 9 digits (no more, No less), we set the maximum number of scanned digits to 9 and programmed in the Preamble (Ctrl+B), and Carriage Return as well. The attached PDF contains the correct sequence or barcodes to scan, except for the second Ctrl+B barcode (5th barcode down). Scan the barcodes in order skipping the 5th one and you will now be scanning without the 10th digit.


Created by Steve Wind March 11 2013


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