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Supported Moneris™ PINPads

Datacap netepay version 5.07.20 is required and must be purchased through Windward Software Inc.
Requires DSIEMVClientX® 1.30

Moneris POSPad EMV (Chip/PIN/Contactless)

Verione P400

Available soon Verifone P400 for Moneris POSPAD in Windward System Five version or higher.

Ingenico iPP320 POSPAD

Now available in System Five version or higher. Ingenico iPP320 POS Pad

Datacap Newrelease
Moneris ipp320 Configuration

Moneris VX810 EMV (Chip and PIN)

This pinpad may not be currently available as it has been out of production for a few years and Moneris has only a limited supply available.

Moneris EMV is available in System Five Version and above.
The supported pinpad is the Verifone VX810
This solution is not suitable for mail order, ecommerce, as cards are not stored on file.
Moneris Gift cards are not supported.
Auto batch close is now supported.
RS-232 Serial connection only (USB-Serial connectors do not work)
Any client running Netepay 5.03 must upgrade to Netepay 5.05.05 before May 2015

Other information

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