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Error 4121

Windward Software


The full error message is : Mercury Payment Systems - Voiding Error ByRecordNo Transactions must have a RecordNo and Frequency. 4121

This error comes up as soon as you click on the void button in the credit card screen.

Detailed Problem Solution

This issue is caused by an option in the Mercury Payment Systems settings in the Setup Wizard. The setting is “void by reference number”, and now must be disabled (unchecked) in order to void a credit card transaction if you are using Mercury Payment Systems as your Payment Processor.

To Disable this option open the Setup Wizard, click on Credit/Debit Card Verification Options, Mercury Payment Systems tab, then click on the Credit/Debit Cards button. Now uncheck the box that says Void By Reference Number, and click close to exit the setup wizard.

Created by Steve Wind November 10 2010


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