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Matrix Data Loading

Determine characteristics for your item. In this example we will use colour, size and gender.
Determine Top level part number to represent the main part number. This will be better understood after reading this example.

For example, we have a style of shirt we will name SHIRT001. This style of shirt comes in 3 colours – Red, Green and Blue. The shirt also has 3 sizes – Small, Medium, Large. The gender for the shirt can be Male or Female.

Part numbers can only be 20 characters long in System Five so we will abbreviate the above characters. The abbreviations are as follows:

Red = RED
Green = GRN
Blue = BLU

Small = S
Medium = M
Large = L

Male = M
Female = F

We will assign these attributes to identifiers we will call Size 1, Size 2 and Size 3. These Sizes do not mean actual sizes, they are only placeholders for other information. A name for the entire group of characteristics will be called MATRIX STYLE which will be set to SHIRT001.

It follows that:
Size 1 = RED, GRN, BLU
Size 2 = S, M, L
Size 3 = M, F

Now we need to determine the Part Number that represents a specific shirt. The part number will be in the format MATRIX STYLE-Size1-Size2-Size3. The entire part number included hyphens cannot exceed 20 characters long.

The resulting part number for a ladies, small and green shirt will be:

Each of these part numbers will need to be written into an Excel spreadsheet. In our example we will have the main MATRIX STYLE number with 18 sequences of the part number for a total of 19 part numbers.

The Excel file should be saved as a CSV file format. Do not open the CSV file in Excel after saving it. The resulting CSV file will be dataloaded into System Five.

The Excel file will look like the following image.

Video demonstration of the Matrix Part Load

Extra articles explaining the Matrix Part Load

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