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Loading an External Application from the Quick Sale Screen

Windward Software

Problem Description

At times you might find it handy to have another Windows application load from the Quick Sale screen in System Five. In this example, lets say that you want Windows Calculator to be available to your clerks from that screen.

Detailed Problem Solution

The first thing you will need to do is create a shortcut to the program you want to have started from the quick sale screen, or if the shortcut already exists in the start menu, you can skip this step.

Right click on the shortcut and select properties.

In properties click in the shortcut key field, and press the key combination that you want to trigger the program. Be careful that the shortcut is not currently in use in System Five. If you try to use a shortcut that is currently in use in Windows, it will not allow you to select it. I would recommend using at least a 3 key combination. In this example I chose Windows Calculator as the application, and “Ctrl + Alt + C” as the shortcut. You will need to press and hold each key, and you will see them come up in the shortcut key field. Click on Apply, and then OK.

Now you can go back into system five and open the setup wizard and make sure that you are in advanced mode (will say « To Simple Mode if you are in advanced mode), and scroll down to Point of Sale Devices. If you do not see this, you are not in advanced mode. Now click on Touch Screen Support and then on Edit Global Layout.

Select the layout that you want to add the key to. in my case I wanted it across the top of my quick sale screen so I selected wwquickcashtop. Select New And enter the program name into caption Field. Also at this point you could change the color and button style etc. Select the radial button next to Keystrokes, and press the Special Button.

Now enter the shortcut keys that you previously defined (Again, I chose “Ctrl + Alt + C”), then press the OK button.

Now your shortcut should be showing in the keystrokes field.Next drag your new key to where you want it and click save and exit. You have just created a new key that will be able to open Windows Calculator from the quick sale screen.

Steve Wind January 07/2010
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