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Loading the Cipher Labs runtime onto Metrologic sp5500 PDT

The Metrologic Instruments SP5500 Datacollector is able to be loaded with the Cipher Labs CPT8000 series runtime.

Prerequisites for the instructions below are as follows:

  • USB cradles are installed and working correctly. (See HERE for the cradle driver.)
  • If using a USB cradle, the serial port installed for this cannot be higher than COM 8.

Setting up the hardware to accept the runtime

  • On the Metrologic SP5500 datacollector, hold down the 7, 9, Power buttons to get into the system menu.
  • Use the up and down arrows to highlight and select Load Program from the menu.
  • Use the up and down arrows to highlight and select Cradle-IR from the menu.
  • Use the up and down arrows to highlight and select the Baud Rate that is the same as the Baud Rate of the serial port on the computer.
  • The handset will wait until the software is loaded from the computer.

Using the software to load the runtime

  • Download THIS FILE to your computer and extract it.
  • Open your Windows Explorer, browse to where the files have been extracted and run the IRLoad.exe program.

Content of the zip file after extraction

  • Use the Open dialog box to browse to where the U8000-2510.SHX file has been extracted. Select the file and click Open

Browse dialog for the IR_Load application

  • Use the Com Port Properties window to select the serial port the Metrologic sp5500 cradle is installed on and the baud rate that the serial port is set to.
The IRLoad.exe program is only capable of connecting to COM1 to COM8.

Port and baud selection for loading

  • Click OK to have the runtime downloaded to the handset. When this is complete, a question appears asking if another program is to be loaded. Select no to this question.

Completeing the loading

  • Turn the handset off and then back on again selecting to clear the file when prompted.
  • The Metrologic handset now has the Cipher Labs runtime installed.
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